4 Ways to Get the Art Deco Look in Your Home

4 Ways to Get the Art Deco Look in Your Home

Immerse yourself in the glamour that is Art Deco, one of the most famous visual art styles in the world. Art Deco is a hot design trend right now and works brilliantly in a contemporary interior. Here are 4 ways to get the Art Deco look in your home!


Be bold

The Art Deco style is so alluring because of its powerful, mould-breaking nature. To incorporate this style into your home, combine lines and contrasting colours, using plenty of glossy, primary-coloured tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Rich reds and mahoganies work well in relaxing rooms, including the living room and bedrooms.

If you’re feeling bold, try using white as a backdrop, using brighter, more colourful shades in your choice of décor, and alter the architecture and create geometric designs using marble.

If you don’t want to radically change the make-up of your home, then you can still get the Art Deco look easily with a few artistic touches here and there, such as art deco door handles, vintage sofas and geometric cushions.

Stylish homeware

It’s not hard to find stylish homeware on the high street. The eagle-eyed shopper however can easily find examples of Art Deco homeware, furniture and accessories for a low price at charity shops – a godsend for anyone who secretly wishes they lived through the twenties and thirties. It might take some time to search through charity shops for stylish Art Deco furniture and accessories, but chances are you’ll be able to get hold of goods that simply don’t exist in high street stores.

Exotic touches

Art Deco combines the rich free nature of art nouveau with the heavy industrialisation of the early 20th century. To achieve an Art Deco vibe in your home, try contrasting metallic golds and silvers with fine woods, such as maple, mahogany and ebony.

Metallic leafing works well too, as do pieces of wooden furniture that feature different coloured woods set into one another, thereby creating exciting and geometric shapes.

Tone down the lighting

Art Deco is all about contrasts in materials, and the same goes for the lighting that’s used to show off the style. Whilst the furnishings, walls and ornaments can look flashy, the lighting should be the complete opposite, taking on a shadow-casting tone.

Floor lamps work well with this interior, highlighting certain aspects of the room such as a chaise lounge or a tiled table. Make sure to leave some room features in the shadows however, otherwise the room will become far too “showy”.

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