5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Phone

5 Signs Its Time To Change Your Phone

5 Signs Its Time To Change Your PhoneFive signs that your phone may need replacing; factors such as battery condition, storage capabilities, camera tech and ability to accept software updates discussed.

When to say goodbye to the old smartphone and upgrade your technology

There are those who upgrade their phone as soon as its replacement comes out while others wait until theirs literally grinds to a halt, or the latest releases offer something they’re missing. Sooner or later though, your old faithful will need updating.

Don’t forget to factor in what your phone could fetch against investing in a replacement, and there’s a quick, easy and profitable way to sell your phone whatever its condition.

Here’s what to look out for:

Battery life deteriorates

Over time as you recharge your battery, it will lose its ability to hold charge to the point where you seem to always be plugging it in to stop it dying.

While technology is improving, smartphones do make large demands on batteries so you’re charging them often enough as it is without declining batteries causing you to seek out power outlets on a more regular basis.

Some phones have user replaceable batteries so it may be worth buying a new one and popping it in. Others such as the iPhone don’t; it’s a pricey trip to an Apple Store to have a new one fitted so this might be reason enough to invest in a new handset.


That 16 or even 32GB storage may have been enough at one stage but now you find yourself having to juggle what can and can’t stay on your phone and taking up space when you want to add new music, photos or apps.

If you find yourself forever having to remove music, photos or apps to make way for new items it’s time to think about a new phone. Some phones offer expanded storage through using memory cards but others don’t – the storage you choose when you bought it is what you have to make do with.

Screen response

That previously slickly operating touchscreen may now be a bit temperamental; perhaps the odd swipe isn’t being recognised or you have to jab aggressively to open an app. If so, your handset is clearly wearing out and hinting that it’s time to retire.

Limited camera quality

You may not be bothered about your phone’s picture taking prowess, but modern handsets offer very high photo quality to the point where you may not need to take a separate camera with you if armed with the snappers included in some of the latest generation of smartphones.

It’s entirely possible to take top class photos even in varying light conditions with many modern phone cameras. This comparison of the photography abilities of a group of leading smartphones shows what’s possible.

Don’t forget video, too – excellent results are achievable and this could tie in with increasing your storage (above). If you find shooting some good quality video clips appealing thanks to a newer smartphone, then you’ll likely need more storage.

Software updates no longer possible

For a while phone manufacturers make security updates and new versions of their operating systems available for users of older model handsets, but sooner or later this support ends.

When this happens your phone could be both less secure online as it’s not getting new patches and updates, and unable to take advantage of the new facilities and features of the maker’s latest operating system.

Once your phone isn’t able to accept the latest downloads from the manufacturer this could be a cue that it’s time to make a change.

Features you need or can do without

You may find certain newer features released on new smartphones would be desirable so this could be reason enough to upgrade. Some of course may not benefit you personally so there may not be a need to upgrade what you have.

Examples of features that could benefit are advances in camera technology as discussed above; some phones now offer far better music players than previously, so if you enjoy music on the move but find the quality lacking then a newer model may offer a better listening experience.

Features such as wireless and fast charging may be of value to you; if you use your phone a lot on battery intensive tasks the means to keep it charged up more easily may appeal.

You’ll naturally want to guard against investing in a new phone just to get a few features you may never really benefit from but, on the other hand, mobile tech doesn’t stand still and the new models could help you get more out of using a smartphone.

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