Add Drama To Your Garden With A Black And White Theme

Make A Statement With A Colour-Free Garden Design

Looking for a classy, sleek and polished garden? Instead of showering your containers with colour, leave them black and white this year.

Are you looking to add mood and drama to your garden? One of the most sophisticated ways to accomplish this is to go with a classic black and white colour scheme. Whilst you might be used to adding vibrant tones in your garden to make it as bright and vivacious as possible, black and white doesn’t have to mean boring or dull. Quite the opposite in fact.  Black flowers are simply stunning with their deep, luxurious tones. When offset against fresh, clean white florals, you’ll create a look that you’ll fall in love with season after season.

Clever Accessorising

It’s not just your flowers that create your overall theme. If you want to really commit to a dramatic black and white scheme, you can also add sleek black planters, white garden furniture and even accessorise with an oversized garden chess board for the entire family to enjoy.

A Close Match

Many ‘black’ flowers are actually just shades of extremely dark purple or brown. Up close you may be able to detect their true tones, but when looking at the overview of your garden, they’ll appear to be black. Here are some popular choices to enjoy across the seasons.

Springtime Choices

Black Tulips are ideal for spring, you can opt for the Queen of the Night flower with its rich, black petals. These look fantastic set amongst innocent white forget-me-nots. You might also plant some flowers which feature an inbuilt black-white contrast. The Douglas Black Primula auricular has incredibly dark petals with a bright white centre. A similar pattern can be found with either Night Dance or the Nocturne auriculas.

Summer Contrasts

Moving on to summer and you can grow the black hollyhock known as Alcea rosea Nigra which should be nurtured from seed each year to reap best results. Alternatively, you might opt for a familiar favourite in the form of snapdragons such as Antirrhinum’s Black Prince variety. However, one of the deepest shades of black, which has been bred extensively to obtain its rich colour, is the Black Velvet Petunia. Any of these would look stunning set amongst a bed of white roses, or else perennials such as white peonies.

Autumn Mood

Dahlias are one of the best types of flower to add drama to your autumn garden, but it’s important to remember that many varieties include a rich red tone to them. One of the darkest which appears to be almost black in tone, is the Fidalgo Blacky which is adorned with petite pom pom flowers. There are plenty of white dahlias to provide that glamourous contrast to your bedding, or else you might select white asters instead.

Are you ready to create this chic and stylish design with a daring black and white colour scheme? Start by planning your colour scheme in advance, so you can choose your flowers and plant them at the correct time according to the season you’re in. Make sure you leave enough space for the white and black flowers to sit alongside each other perfectly to create the perfect, balanced look.

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