Best Theatres in United Kingdom You Must Visit

The United Kingdom is known to host some of the best theatres in the world. Both tourists and locals have a wide selection of theatres to choose from. To enjoy your experience more, you can take coach trips to the theatre and enjoy other tourist attraction sites. Several companies are offering such trips, and they also act as tourist guides.

The Globe

The association of this Theatre with Shakespeare is one of the reasons why it is trendy. It isn’t the original theatre, but it is a close replica. They also tend to host some of the oldest exhibitions and is the best place to go to if you love Shakespeare.

Theatre Royal

Although it was built in 1720, it was transformed into a theatre in 1805. It has performances by travelling troupes, but it also hosts other events during different times of the year. It also provides a platform for new productions.

Old Vic

Previously known as Royal Coburg Theatre, Old Vic is known to be one of the United Kingdom’s theatres that has undergone multiple name changes since it was built. It hosts both classical and modern entertainment shows and is a place worth visiting.

Cliff’s Pavilion

This theatre doesn’t just host a wide range of entertainment shows, and it also has one of the best views. That and the fact that they have Afternoon Tea is what makes them one of the best Essex theatres. Here you’ll find operas, musicals, classical orchestras, comedians, rock concerts and ballets, among many others. It prides itself on providing a wide variety of entertainment options so that everyone can find their selection.

Wales Millennium Center

Wales Millennium Center doesn’t just have a show theatre. It also has a concert hall, studio theatre, and a dance house. It also shows Wales history with the building materials, which include glass, slate, metal, and wood. It is considered one of the best theatres in the UK, especially during the last few decades.

Royal Exchange Theatre

Located in the middle of the city, this theatre is one of the most beautiful buildings in Manchester. Their performance shows include revivals, performance arts, and contemporary writing. They also have musical concerts and other literary events.

Queens Theatre

As one of the most beautiful Essex theatres, Queens Theatre is reputable for having some of the top shows in the entertainment industry. They have a rich history and are also known to encourage local talent. It even won UK Theatre’s Most Welcoming Theatre twice.

Savoy Theatre

The Savoy Theatre is mostly known for its musicals, even though they previously showed other genres. They have had several popular musical shows of all time.

Palace Theatre

Built-in 1891, this theatre is considered one of the oldest and the biggest in the South End area. It was bombed during World War 2 but was later restored. It is one of Essex theatres that hosts a wide variety of shows ranging from concerts to musicals.

London Coliseum

This theatre has been around since 1904 but was renovated in 2004. It is considered the largest theatre in the West End and is famous for hosting the English National Ballet and the English National Opera. Apart from the great shows, you can also enjoy the combination of the old and new architectural design of the place.


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