Book A Spring Makeover For Your Business

Consider a refresh to your workplace to herald spring and longer days

Months of chillier and harsher weather may have taken its toll on your business building so it’s worth looking into revitalising the workplace.

A spring clean – or more such as a redecoration or maybe a refurbishment –  is a great way to look ahead to longer days and perhaps deal with the ravages of winter on your business premises.

A few options:

Deep clean

You may already have contract cleaners in regularly to keep things neat and tidy, but the late autumn and winter may mean muck and dirt may have ingrained their way into carpeting and other areas, so a professional deep clean may be worthwhile to cheer things up.


It’s amazing how a lick of paint can transform the look and feel of a premises, even more so if you use professionals such as these commercial painters and decorators in Suffolk. Experienced experts such as these can ensure the right types of paint are used based on the demands your workplace puts on the decor.

For example, they’ll use the right paint types based on heat, moisture and other conditions in the work area, and advise on what shades to use to make the most of space such as maybe lightening up darker areas and so forth.

The other huge benefit of using professionals is their ability to access difficult to reach areas such as exterior surfaces and high ceilings using specialist equipment.

This means they can work swiftly and effectively, so minimising disruption and getting the job done quickly enabling you to benefit from your new look faster.


Maybe you’re about to or have recently moved into premises that require some degree of refurbishment, or perhaps you’re altering the layout of your existing workplace. The same professional decorators as discussed above can help here.

Again, their use of the appropriate materials for the task in hand, such as the correct paints, and advising on effective colour combinations can really make the most of your workspaces.

Also, professional commercial decorators are fully experienced in working to a schedule and helping to avoid disruption; consequently your work output won’t be adversely affected during the time your premises is being refurbished or decorated.

The ‘kerb appeal’

Estate agents call it ‘kerb appeal’ – that first impression potential buyers have when they first pull up outside a property. A neat and tidy look with paintwork in good condition will impress more than a shabby, unkempt appearance.

Similarly, customers will form a good impression if your business premises looks tidy and in good condition, so paying attention to the ‘kerb appeal’ – exterior look – of your workplace as part of a spring makeover is certainly worth it.

Clear signage in good condition, paintwork in good decorative order, and areas such as the car park being neat and tidy with no weeds growing through will help. If there’s a puddle that forms and lingers every time it rains, get it dealt with and maybe have the parking bay lines and direction arrows repainted.

Safety and security

A high standard of exterior decor can help crime prevention.

A well cared for business exterior – especially the frontage – can suggest to would be intruders that general security and anti-theft efficiency is sound. The opposite can also be true; a shabby, unkempt exterior may encourage break-ins as a thief may take this as a clue that security isn’t up to standard even if that’s not the case.

Customer reception

Following on from the above, once your visitor is inside, a light and cheerful space with professionally finished decor as opposed to a coat of paint hurriedly applied one Saturday morning by one or two willing helpers will impress.

A spring makeover could prove to be a very worthwhile investment; it’ll impress visitors and boost the morale of your staff into the bargain.


The benefits of having a spring makeover whether a deep clean, redecoration or full refurbishment handled by commercial painting and decorating professionals.


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