Booming Businesses Benefit From Full Load Transport Services

Keeping Your European Customers Happy With Rapid Delivery

If you’re looking to expand your business reach within Europe, then keeping customers happy with fast delivery times is essential.

Europe is the world’s centre of eCommerce, worth a predicted EUR660 billion in online revenue this year. Within Europe, the UK is the leading nation in terms of digital retail sales, amassing around 24% of Europe’s total market, closely followed by Germany and France. Clearly online business is booming, and as a result, UK businesses who are expanding into Europe need to keep customer needs at the heart of their operations to succeed on the continent. The logistics sector is working hard to match the expectations of consumers – delivering goods at speed to keep up with the fast-paced environment we live in.

Customer Satisfaction

Expanding into Europe requires a lot of thought. As well as considering the differences in language and cultures which is important when putting together sales pages and setting up customer service centres, you’ll also need to work on your delivery times. Customers who shop online do so because it’s convenient, not because they’re happy to wait for their products to be delivered. A 2018 Global Consumer Insights Survey conducted by PwC found that 40% of consumers would be willing to pay extra for a same day or faster delivery service. The same report revealed that those aged over 65 place particular significance on being able to choose their own delivery slot at a time that suits them.

So, when you’re considering expanding your customer reach into a different region, it’s essential that you plan your delivery operations to perfection, so that they’re affordable for your company whilst pleasing your customers.

Choosing Your Loading Service

Part load services are ideal for those with smaller consignments who are unable to fill an entire vehicle with goods. Your freight may be loaded alongside a consignment from another company to offer affordable delivery for SMEs.

However, another option which is growing in popularity is to opt for full load transport services. In this scenario, your goods will fill the entire vehicle and you can conduct multiple drop-offs across Europe. Some growing businesses choose to partner with warehouses and fulfilment services in various locations across the continent. You can then send out periodic loads of your product lines to be stored in your overseas partner bases. When an order is placed from a customer within this region, then the local distribution service will pick-up the package and deliver it to the customer. Depending on who you partner with, you’ll likely be able to offer same day, next day, or even a much speedier two-hour delivery window for those customers who require an urgent shipment.

Beyond Brexit

The future beyond the UK’s exit from the EU is far from clear at this stage. But if we’re looking at a hard Brexit arrangement, where we’ll give up access to both the single market and the customs union in March 2019, then SMEs looking to export into Europe must be prepared. The Government has recently released advice in the event of a ‘No Deal’ situation. For businesses who export or import, the guidance is to explore “whether they should engage the services of a customs broker, freight forwarder or logistics provider to help.” With less than six months until the deadline, now is the time to find a reputable logistics provider to partner with, to ensure that your operations in Europe go from strength to strength following our exit from the EU.

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