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The importance of calling on the professionals when pests strike

No matter how careful and diligent you are around your property or business premises, it’s an unfortunate fact that undesirable visitors may come calling in the form of rodents, insects or bugs at certain times. Another fact is that it can be very difficult to say goodbye to them on a permanent basis without the right sort of expert help.

The pest problem

Unwanted wasp nests, ants getting into the kitchen, mice and rats causing damage and an infestation of bed bugs can be at best annoying and at worst very distressing. While you may feel inclined to have a go at getting rid of them yourself, it’s usually a job best left to people skilled in pest control in Chelmsford, Essex.

It may be worth a quick go at, say, getting rid of a few ants with some powder before calling a pest control expert if your efforts fail. On the other hand, trying to remove a wasp nest or get rid of an infestation of mice on your own could prove difficult – not to say potentially dangerous without the right expert help.

Local authority help?

You could try contacting your local authority to see if they’d help remove a pest, but many of them have scaled down this service. If they do have the facility to help remove your pests and are prepared to do so, they may not offer the complete service in covering the all-important assessing of the problem (see below).

Assessing the pest problem

A skilled professional pest control expert will be able to assess where the problem lies. How are those mice or ants getting in? If there are a lot of wasps around, where is their nest? What may be encouraging those rats to visit your garden and property in the first place?

Establishing where the pest problem originates helps on the way to getting rid of them permanently. Simply killing a couple of rats with poison or swatting a handful of flies may help initially, but without establishing why they’re in and around your property and how they’re gaining access you’re not really dealing with the root cause of the problem.

Your pest control experts will know how to establish where the problem starts, and this is often reason enough to seek out their services. With their experience, they’ll often know what ‘detective work’ is required to establish the cause of your pest problem and devise a strategy to get rid of them for you.

Successful removal

Trying to get rid of pests effectively needs considered thought. For example, if trying to remove rats then careful use of poisons is essential. Used incorrectly, powerful rat poisons might cause danger to pets and even small children if sited in the wrong place.

Also, do you know where is the best place to position poison or traps so as to effectively remove pests such as mice and rats? Your expert pest control company will.

Choosing a pest control specialist

Look for a company with staff holding the Royal Society for Public Health’s RSPH Level 2 Award; this qualification provides an understanding of public health pests and their management, and fulfils a legal requirement in the training of pest control technicians.

A company prepared to work round the clock is something to look for in case of a pest problem that won’t wait. If you’re a householder or responsible for a commercial business prone to pests, then a company offering ongoing pest control arrangements in the form of regular visits is worth talking to.

Pests – a growing problem

With increasing density of populations in certain areas, more pests can proliferate as waste becomes more prevalent. The warmer and wetter climate is unfortunately good for pests, and parts of Essex are seeing higher incidences of infestations from creatures such as rats and cockroaches.

In the face of this increased pest risk, professional pest controllers are more in demand than ever.

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