Choose The Right Wedding Marquee For Your Big Day

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Celebrate Your Wedding In The Right Marquee

As far as wedding checklists go, most brides would probably agree that ticking off the venue is probably the most satisfying part of the planning process, and often helps shape the whole day. So what type of wedding do you picture? If you are looking at a marquee then you have come to the right place.

Marquees offer that in between solution where you’d like an outdoor wedding but don’t entirely trust the weather, want to pick your wedding up and place it in a certain space or unique venue, or just want to go for a blank canvas and have more flexibility to create the exact theme you want.

The Basic Marquee

One of the best things about Colchester Marquees is they are fully flexible and modular, so you have a very good chance of finding the right product for your needs, budget, and space.

You can choose from 3 different widths, with 5, 6, and 9 metre options available. These come in 3 metre sections that can be placed side by side, with special guttering between marquees. Because they are modular you can choose different configurations, such as an L shape, several separate spaces with a tunnel in between, or one big space for your reception, with smaller panels creating an entrance in to your space. There are solid or window panels available that you can have placed all along the marquee to let in the light, or just create entrances at either end.

When you have chosen your blank canvas, then the real fun starts. It’s time to turn it into something special, and add those personal touches that will bring your wedding to life. Some of this will come from you and your creativity, but choosing marquee hire, means you’ll also get a menu of accessories available to book and tailor to your needs.

Adding Marquee Accessories

Marquee hire companies can’t fulfil wish lists, so you might have to dig a little deeper online to find that model elephant, replica jukebox, coconut shy, or sweet counter that you just have to have at your reception, but what they can do is fill your marquee with all the basics that will help make your venue look more magical. You could choose from:

Lighting – Go classy with a mix of candle bulb chandeliers or uplighters, or prepare for a party night with a striking LED disco bank and disco balls. Transform your marquee in the evening with laser strobes, and starlight lining cloths.

Floor – A variety of flooring from wooden interlocking panels to matting, and a choice of black and white or wooden parquet dance floors – make your dance floor the place to be.

Chairs and Tables – Choose from a selection of chairs to suit your theme, from stylish gold and red rose, gold and blue, or gold and burgundy, and if they don’t match, why not order chair covers with coloured ribbons to match the rest of your wedding décor. These chairs can fit neatly around 4ft or 5ft round tables, small round poseur tables (great for bar areas), and 6ft trestle tables – with all these choices you’ll have some flexibility in how you fill your marquee.

What You Get With A Marquee Company

Hire a marquee for your wedding and you’ll get a team with knowledge and experience, who will visit your site prior to booking, and see you through the process, until the marquee is taken down after your party has finished making memories. In this type of industry, contacts and knowledge also means they can recommend trusted suppliers for bar services, and maybe even catering, wedding planning and venue décor. You’re sure to pick up some useful tips and ideas, to go along with your soon to be pitched wedding venue.

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