Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas on A Budget

You’ll never hear anybody say they simply have too much storage space in their kitchen. Whether it be a large or a small kitchen, we all seem to fill it to the brim, and struggle to keep all our pots, pans, utensils and pantry ingredients in order. Luckily, creating more storage in your kitchen doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are just a couple of ideas to add more storage to your kitchen on a budget:

1) Use Every Space You Have

You may feel like your kitchen has been filled to its maximum capacity, but chances are, there are a few spaces you could modify to create more kitchen storage. We tend to neglect the top of shelves or the top of fridges because they are higher and more difficult to access. But think about it: there are probably a few kitchen utensils that you only need a couple of times a year that would do very well on top of a high-shelf. Think Christmas shaped cookie cutters, the large dutch oven you never seem to use or larger cake tins you don’t get much use out of.

2) Hang Pans Up

Not everything needs to be stored on a shelf or in a drawer. In fact, you can save a lot of space by hanging things up. Having your pans ready to access without using any kitchen drawer space is as easy as putting up a rail by your kitchen window or above the sink and using it to hang frying pans and even ladles or spoons. If you are renovating your kitchen, kitchen fitters will be happy to help you with that task, or you could even DIY it. All you need is to fit a wall mount on a surface of your choice, which should only take a few minutes of drilling and installing screws.

3) Add More Shelves

Sometimes the only thing to do to get more storage…is to add more actual storage cabinets. An extra shelf doesn’t have to be big or bulky. In fact, you can probably fit one somewhere in a hole in your kitchen, be it near the fridge or in that awkward space by the sink. Kitchen fitters can help you find a shelf that will fit perfectly in the space that you have—and give you more storage without making your kitchen look cluttered.

4) Use Magnets

Magnets are a great tool to get some extra storage for things like knives and spices. Simply put up a magnetic board on your fridge or by your hob, and keep your metal kitchen knives there. You could also make a clever, hanging spice rack by transferring all of your spices to jars with a magnetic lid, and hanging them up on a magnetic board.

Adding more storage to your kitchen may not seem easy, but all it takes is a little bit of creativity. Who said you didn’t have space for one more shelf, or that you couldn’t make use of the vertical space in the room. By using your imagination, you’ll be amazed at what practical, budget ideas you can find!

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