Is Colchester Becoming The Start-Up Capital Of Essex?


Inspiring Tales Of Innovation And Entrepreneurship In East Essex

Colchester’s start-up enterprises are thriving. From tech innovation to youthful ambition, there are fine examples of Essex residents going it alone.

New start-up businesses in the UK were being registered at a rate of 80 per hour towards the end of last year, according to data collected from Companies House. In total, there have already been 232,289 new organisations started this year, which means that as a nation we’re likely to smash through last year’s total count of 608,110 start-ups, likely reaching a record for 2017. It’s fair to say that there’s never been a better time to start a business in the UK – last year, the UK’s tech start-up sector received more funding than any over European country and 7,000 domestic businesses were awarded start-up loans. This commitment towards innovation is particularly prevalent in Colchester, Essex which itself formed 1,366 start-ups in 2016.

Youth Is No Barrier To Success

There are several stories of Colchester start-ups that are already thriving. Perhaps one of the most uplifting is a tale of two teenagers, Sam Mateer and Tom Shepherd who have started a gardening business whilst still studying in their final year of Philip Morant School and College in Colchester. After receiving advice and a suggestion from their teacher about how to start such a profession, they set to task leafleting and knocking on doors in the area. The pair have drummed up so much business doing jobs such as hedge trimming, fence painting and grass cutting, that they will go full-time when they finish college in the next couple of months. They have been widely praised for their incredible determination and refusal to let their young age be a barrier to entrepreneurship.

Tech Innovation

Move over Silicon Valley, the UK is fast becoming the place for tech start-ups and Colchester-based business SmartNE are certainly on track to receive a piece of the pie. Their brand-new enterprise focuses on how Smart Homes can enhance the lives of those living in them. They have recently won an award, handed out by Innovation Martlesham which saw them competing against three other start-up entrants. After pitching their WAI2GO product in a Dragon’s Den-style scenario, the company will now get to be mentored and nurtured through the development stage, within IM’s own business incubator. They will then eventually get to meet with potential investors, which is an excellent opportunity for this company who have already made great strides with their smart mapping and data brokering solutions.

If you’re a brand-new start-up in Colchester or the surrounding areas, then we understand that it can feel daunting to try and get your name and brand message out there. An essential part of spreading the word is making sure that your business has a great visibility online. In fact, 72% of consumers who conducted a local search, went on to visit a store within 5 miles, so the importance of achieving a good position in the search engines cannot be underestimated. Our Colchester SEO experts would be happy to take on this task for you and provide you with excellent results that will help you to gain an excellent digital presence.


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