Creating Your Dream Natural Hair Wig

Our hair is our crowning glory and we all fantasise about having the lushest locks and the glossiest healthiest hair. Unfortunately, more often than not for most of us, this is not achievable with our own natural hair. We either have too thin or too dry hair or simply hair that doesn’t grow long or fast enough.

However, with modern advancements today’s wigs are quickly becoming an easily accessible product, and with many celebrities choosing to wear wigs on a regular basis, the flexibility and array of styles are fast becoming an addition to the fashion world. Wigs are quickly making their way into mainstream fashion and matching your hair colour to your outfit could soon become the new outrageous norm.

So, if you are wrestling with the idea of purchasing a wig (or two) to compliment your wardrobe, what should you be considering, and what should you be watching out for.

Firstly consider that when you are buying a wig you are actually investing in a fully customised personal hair solution – this may very scientific but it means your wig will provide you with a great hairstyle in an instant, and will of course will be a great addition to your wardrobe for more than just one season.

You will find that synthetic wigs and natural hair wigs can both look great, but a natural hair wig has the advantage of being able to be coloured and heat styled. This means you can use your straighteners or curling devices without the worry of damaging synthetic fibres and can style it pretty much as you would do your own hair. So, once you have decided on a natural hair wig do you then consider buying a wig on line, or getting the full personal treatment and going to a store?

Buying online can certainly save you time and travel expense but the downside is that you won’t physically be able to try on different wigs to get a feel for the best initial style and colour. You must also take and supply your own head measurements, so it is imperative you get these correct. If you are shopping on line you may also be tempted by cheap deals but beware, as what seems like a great bargain at the time can easily end up being a regret later down the line.

However, if you decide to go directly to a wig store for your purchase then you will get the advantage of any measuring being accurately carried out for you by a professional. You will also be able to access their knowledge and experience when it comes considering the best styles, colour and length to suit your skin tone and face shape. Whether you have a round, oval, heart or square shaped face any professional will be able to quickly tell you what will suit you best, and you will of course get to try on several wigs to see how they feel and look. Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle though, if you are sporty you may not want to opt for a long hair wig if you will be constantly tying your hair back.

So, finally wherever you decide to buy your dream wig from ensure you love it and make sure it brings you confidence and fun.

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