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Cutting Edge Creative Design Firm Bringing New Life to Victoria Road

Bodi Design is like a breath of fresh air in an area of Southend that has been going through a long and slow process of regeneration.

Twenty years ago, Victoria Road was the thriving business area of Southend, populated by big insurance players, financial institutions and the like. Since the turn of the millennium, they have gradually moved out, the 1960s style office blocks have fallen into disrepair, and the area has looked increasingly down at heel. For the past five years, it has been subject to a regeneration process that has promised much but delivered little.

But the winds of change are at last blowing in. On the south side, close to the police station and the former library building, The Hive Enterprise Centre is one of the most state of the art and best connected business addresses, not just in Southend, but in the whole of Essex. And it is here that you will find the most innovative creative design agency in Southend. Let’s learn some more about Bodi Design.

What do they do?

The company specialises in all aspects of creative design, working on everything from corporate brochures to billboards and from company logos to product packaging. They pride themselves on blending their artistic expertise and knowledge with a modern, technological perspective.

In addition to traditional design skills, as you might expect Bodi Design also has a deep understanding of the digital age and how to make a business’s online presence look great and appeal to customers.

Who are they?

The company is headed up by Managing Director Leigh Ngoc-Cleeve. Leigh is supported by a small but dedicated team, each of whom has extensive experience in a specific field. Nic is the Creative Director and Lead Designer, Jonathan has the online expertise, whilst Arne is a photographer with years of experience.

Key clients

Bodi might be a small organisation, but it works with some major household names and boasts a client base that is truly international.

The company has partnered businesses from such diverse locations as Russia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Mexico, China and Nigeria, to name but a few. It is also pleased to have some clients closer to home, in nearby London and even in its home town of Southend.

Some of the household names it has worked with include Binatone, Marks and Spencer, Argos, Hitachi, Hi-Tec and BUSH Radio, to name but a few.

Innovation and regeneration

It is hugely gratifying to see a company like Bodi achieving growth and success in Southend. Let’s hope the spirit of innovation inspires similar companies to set up home in the Victoria Road area of Southend, and really put this traditional business district back on the map.

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