Digital Printing Solutions For The Fashion Industry

Why fashion marketing is going digital

In an industry where are appearances are everything, more and more fashion companies are turning to digital printing solutions to help promote their brand.

The fashion industry is highly competitive and in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, brands need to invest a lot of time and effort in their marketing activities, offering customers a consistent brand experience across all channels. And in an industry where appearances are everything, more and more fashion companies are turning to digital printing solutions for high quality marketing materials that really make an impact.

Fast moving

The fashion industry is incredibly fast-moving; what’s in fashion one week is out of fashion a few weeks later. And the sector needs printing solutions that can keep up with this frenetic pace. Unlike more traditional offset printing, digital printing offers a very fast turnaround time; files can be sent straight from a computer to a digital printer with no need for further processing or drying time – perfect for marketing departments who are in a hurry! This can be particularly beneficial for brands who want to regularly update their in-store displays – and Dorothy Perkins have employed this tactic throughout their UK stores, installing new digitally-printed graphics on a seasonal basis to promote their latest products.

Flexible options

Another key advantage of digital printing is the flexibility it offers. In the past, digital print was restricted to certain paper types and sizes, but advances in the technology used means that this method of printing can now accommodate print jobs in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes and formats. This is great news for fashion brands whose printing needs can vary greatly, spanning everything from direct mailings and catalogues through to 3D displays, point of sale signage and even window backboards to promote a specific campaign, as with the partnership between David Beckham and jewellery brand Tudor Watches.

Digital printing is also the best option for low volume print jobs, making it the perfect choice for retailers who want to create materials to be displayed in a specific location, such as the eye-catching retail graphics commissioned by Diesel for display in its flagship Covent Garden store. The availability of shorter print runs also makes it easy to personalise and customise marketing materials, helping brands to localise their offering, engage with customers and increase conversion rates.

High quality, low cost

Without the high set-up costs associated with offset printing, digital printing can be a particularly cost-effective solution for smaller volume print runs. This is a really important consideration for retailers who, in an environment where they are increasingly being asked to do more with less, need to achieve the best possible return on investment when it comes to marketing activities.

And lower cost doesn’t have to mean lower quality. Early digital prints may not have offered the best results but today’s state-of-the-art digital printing press offer high quality results that are almost indistinguishable from those achieved through offset printing.

With the continued growth of online shopping and decrease in high street footfall, now, more than ever, fashion brands need to do all they can to entice customers and stand out from their competitors. And by harnessing the power of high quality digital print, retailers can create effective marketing campaigns that grab people’s attention, increase store traffic and, ultimately, drive sales.

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