Don’t Get Slack About Home Security During Pandemic

Burglaries Are Still Occurring Throughout Lockdowns

Being at home more isn’t an excuse to become relaxed about your home security. Protect yourself and your property from a break-in with these tips.

Brits have never spent as much time at home, and yet 356,000 homes were broken into across the UK during 2020, despite this year containing two national lockdowns.  Home security relies on more than just being physically present in the property to deter thieves from attempting a break in. With earnings down and unemployment levels high, criminals are looking for opportunities to intrude so they can make an easy profit.

If you want to avoid the emotional and financial assault of a break-in, check out these top home security solutions to keep you and your family protected during 2021 and beyond.

Install CCTV 

As one of the top deterrents to home intrusion, CCTV keeps your property and outdoor areas fully covered under surveillance. CCTV hasn’t always had the strongest reputation in the past. In fact, as recently as twelve years ago, 80% of CCTV footage handed into the police as evidence had to be disregarded due to the poor quality of film. However, enormous advancements in technology have transformed this security solution into one of the top options for your home. A security systems Essex team states that 4k footage is now available which provides crystal clear definition, during both day and night. This is essential in identifying anyone involved in criminal activities such as break-ins. Additionally, the very presence of CCTV cameras is often enough to persuade thieves from moving on and targeting a less secure property instead.

Flood lighting

Thieves like to operate under the cover of darkness, so winter and early spring are the perfect time for them to carry out a burglary. Take their advantage of the long, dark hours away by investing in a floodlight system. As a motion detected solution, the lights will spring into action and illuminate any outside area as soon as anything triggers the sensors. These can be set up around your front porch or at the exterior of your property in the garden to protect all access points.

If your home is overlooked by neighbours, they might be able to spot intruders moving around outside your property and can call the police.

Choose A Secure Door Locking System

As the main access points to your home, your doors should be secure. Even if you have multi locking points on your door, you should be aware that these are all connected to your doors locking cylinder, which makes this a target for intruders. Unfortunately, lock snapping is becoming increasingly common, so if you’re worried about the strength of your door security, contact a locksmith to review your system.

Don’t Be Complacent About Security

However safe your neighbourhood feels, don’t underestimate the importance of security for a minute. Even if you’re at home for 23 out of 24 hours of the day, it’s important to close and lock all doors and windows whilst you’re out. Don’t leave valuables on display and if you have a burglar alarm, remember to set it even if you’re only going out for 10 minutes.

The aftermath of a home burglary can be incredibly distressing so if you know that your security needs to be tightened, take extra steps today to protect your property.

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