Don’t Let Your Jewellery Gather Dust, Earn Some Cash!

Why You Should Pay Your Local Pawnbrokers a Visit

So many of us have jewellery that isn’t being worn – so why not make use of it and earn some extra cash for yourself?

Do you have pieces of jewellery that haven’t seen the light of day for months, or even years? Then why not earn a little cash from them? Here you’ll find out everything you need to know about selling or securing a loan against your jewellery – and where to find the best Pawnbrokers Essex has to offer.

Your forgotten jewellery

Lots of us have pieces of jewellery sitting at home that we just don’t wear – and chances are you do as well. Yours could be family heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations, only to sit in their boxes gathering dust rather than being worn and enjoyed. They could also be gifts from an ex-partner that carry bad memories; or pieces that you invested in a long time ago, only to have grown out of. What if there was a way of making good use of them?

Why visit a pawnbrokers?

Earning money from your old jewellery is nothing new – pawnbrokers have been around for hundreds of years. However, many people still haven’t even considered getting some extra cash from their unworn gems. Pawning your jewellery is a really simple process, and pawnbrokers adhere to a strict code of practice for your peace of mind. The cash could be in your hands in no time at all, leaving you free to spend it on what you like!

Choosing the right pawnbrokers

The key to getting the most from your jewellery is to find a great pawnbroker. Bonds of Brentwood have been operating for more than half a century, and have built up a great reputation in that time. You can send them photographs of your jewellery or visit them in person, and they will really take their time examining each piece in order to give you the best possible price. They will be completely transparent with you too, answering any questions that you may have.


Loans are the perfect option for those who need a little cash now, but don’t want to say goodbye to their pieces of jewellery for good. Once you and your expert pawnbroker have agreed on the terms of your loan, you will have some extra money in your pocket and your jewellery will be securely stored. So you can keep those special pieces in your for you and your family, and they will be back in your hands once the loan has been repaid in full.

Selling your jewellery

Jewellery trends change throughout the years, and if you just don’t love your pieces any more selling them could be the smartest option for you. You will get a great price for your jewellery, and the money will be yours to keep. You’ll also have the pleasure of knowing that someone will get real joy out of your necklace, bracelet, earrings or watch, and will wear and treasure them every day.

Enquire today!

If you are interested in making some money from your jewellery, then why not enquire with the best Pawnbrokers in Essex today? The whole process is so much easier than you think, and you could have some extra money in your wallet in no time at all!

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