Economical heating from an Essex company with an illustrious pedigree

Reasons to choose We Are Tubular Heaters for affordable heating appliances. An illustrious history and a commitment to Thermotube technology from a UK company.

It’s less common these days to buy higher volume products made by a British company let alone one who has kept its production local over the years they’ve been in business. Essex-based heating experts We Are Tubular Heaters have done exactly this since their journey began back in 1901 with their website proudly proclaiming a product designed and made in the UK.

Officially titled Thermo Products Ltd, the Harlow based makers of top quality Thermotube heaters offer low running cost heating solutions for a range of applications from greenhouses, conservatories, homes, pet kennels and even larger cupboards.

Experts with a varied history

When buying a product, it’s always reassuring to know the company providing it is an expert in its manufacture. Many buyers trust a brand to deliver what it stands for hence the power of branding and trademarks, and Thermo Products Ltd are established professionals in the development of the Thermotube which lies at the heart of their heating products.

The company, starting as basically a one-man electrician, can trace their origins back to an era – the early twentieth century – when electricity was only just starting to feature in domestic homes throughout the country.

Growth and mergers with household names

This fledgling business, eventually known as EKCO Products, remarkably grew to a point where it was employing some 8,000 people and making radios, tape recorders and heaters with the first electric tube heaters using ‘Thermotube’ technology emerging in 1948.

Production of EKCO Thermotube tubular heaters, c1950s
Production of EKCO Thermotube tubular heaters, c1950s

EKCO bounced back from an unsuccessful merger with British electronics company Pye to merge with the mighty Philips. The Thermotube heater was further developed and produced by Harlow Group Ltd for Philips until this company bought the rights to the Thermotube technology from them before eventually renaming the business Thermo Products Ltd in 2003.

It dedicates itself now to further development of the Thermotube heater, its flagship product, and is unique in still making it in Essex as opposed to hiving production off abroad somewhere.

This potted history shows a company dedicated to Thermotube heating technology over a long period despite inevitable changes during the ebbs and flows of a long business journey.

Product range

The company make a variety of Thermotube heaters covering various power outputs from 60 watt 1 foot to 360 watt 6 feet designs in cream or white finishes. Models that can be either plugged into a mains socket or wired in directly are available as is an aluminium bodied 110 volt version. This model is designed for use in environments where the standard 230 volt type wouldn’t be suitable such as in marine applications or on some construction sites.

Full range of accessories and spares

We Are Tubular Heaters offer a genuine one stop service for all things Thermotube. Along with the heaters, all manner of accessories and spares are available including heater guards, brackets (linking kits) so multiple heaters can be easily set up, and various devices to control when the heater operates whether based on time, temperature or both.

Ease of choosing and purchase

Full and clear descriptions and photos of each heater and the various spares and accessories appear on the company’s website along with simple and secure online ordering facilities.

Buying with confidence

Appliances such as electrical heaters need to be relied on and are expected to give many years of safe use, so buying from a UK company who have dedicated themselves to Thermotube technology since first developing it in 1948 makes sense.

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  1. I have inherited two (perhaps 30-40 yr) old (double) EKCO Thermotube greenhouse tubular heaters (220V) but cannot see any indication of output. Are these likely to be 60W/ft length – ie 480W per tube = 1920W total if I use all 4 tubes . My thermostat is rated at max. 3000W, and I dont want to overload it! I would appreciate your advice….

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