Eight trees to grow if you have a small garden

There are many benefits to planting trees in your garden; they bring in privacy, shade, colour and wildlife into the garden, and they are easy to maintain.

With many trees reaching staggering heights, it can feel like only those with acres of land are able to grow trees but fortunately, that isn’t the case. There are many smaller species of trees which are suitable for gardens with limited space.

We spoke to the tree surgeon Essex specialists, Essex Tree Brothers, to learn more about the best trees to plant when you have limited garden space.


There are many species of magnolias, plenty of which are suitable for smaller gardens, such as the magnolia stellata. Magnolias produce gorgeous flowers from early spring and attract many pollinators into the garden.

Snow gum

As an evergreen tree, the snow gum is a great tree to add interest to your garden all year round, but particularly so in summer when it produces stunning white flowers. While it prefers sun, snow gums grow well in most conditions.


Hawthorn trees are native to the UK and attracts many of Britain’s wildlife from bees in spring to birds in autumn. Hawthorns work well both as single trees and planted as hedges, making it ideal for creating privacy in your smaller garden.


Both peach trees and apricot trees are good options for smaller garden spaces. Not only do they stay small, they are very hardy and fare well against English weather. If you want to see fruit each year, they need to be planted in a sunny, sheltered spot, and protected from frost during winter.


Peaches are not the only fruit trees suitable for small gardens. There are many varieties of small apple trees that are perfect for smaller spaces. In addition to producing apples in autumn, apple trees blossom in spring, making them a lovely addition to the garden for most of the year.


Rowan trees, also known as mountain ash trees, are beautiful trees which flower in spring and produce berries in autumn. They grow well in gardens which receive both sun and shade and cope well with both wind and rain. Joseph Rock is one of the more compact rowan trees, but many grow to less than 5m.

Corkscrew hazel

The corkscrew hazel tree has stunning corkscrew branches which add a unique touch to any garden. They grow well in both full sun and partial shade, making them ideal for most gardens, and with a max height of 4m, they fit in even the smallest spaces.

Forest pansy

Forest pansies can grow to heights of 5m so are best suited for small to medium sized gardens. They have beautiful leaves which turn from purple, to yellow, to crimson and pink, depending on what season it is.


When choosing a tree for your small garden space, make sure you assess all factors including the type of soil present and the amount of sun it will receive. Finding a tree which matches the conditions in your garden will give it the best possible chance of flourishing for years to come.

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