Elements of a Perfect Website

How Can You Make Your Site Stand Out from the Crowd?


With almost two billion websites on the internet, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Here are some tips for making sure yours gets noticed.


The world wide web is a big place. But it is not till you look at a site like Live Internet Stats that you realise just how big. There are literally thousands of new sites going online every day, 365 days per year, from personal blogs to the largest ecommerce and news sites.


If you are using a web designer in Essex or further afield, you might wonder what aspects of your site they will focus on to make your website stand out from those billions of others. Here, we lift the lid on five elements of the perfect website.


1) Visual design


It might sound like an all-encompassing concept, but when we talk about visual design, the point to keep in mind is that first impressions count. Conduct a web search on practically any subject, and you will be presented with pages of results. Click on one, and if the design looks cluttered, unprofessional or otherwise unappealing, it is the work of a few seconds to hit the back button and go elsewhere.


A good designer will make the best use of an appropriate theme to keep the overall design on track, and will ensure the website is on-brand, using colour, images and even white space effectively. The trick is to encourage whoever clicks on your site to want to stay there and find out more.


2) Content


A nice-looking site will make visitors look closer, but yours needs substance, as well as style, or they will soon be gone. The trick to creating great content is that it is aimed at answering the visitor or customer’s questions or solving their problems. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what query they typed in to search to bring them to you? Now ensure you have the content there that not only answers their question, but also engages them enough to inspire them to read more and convert from looker to buyer.


3) Mobile optimisation


The mobile first era is well and truly here. Around 60 percent of searches are now performed on mobile devices, so the importance of your site being optimised for mobile platforms cannot be overestimated. If yours does not render properly on a smartphone, or the buttons and calls to action are fiddly to use, you might as well give up right now.


4) Navigation


Getting around your site needs to be as simple as possible. Navigation bars should be either at the top or left of the screen and need to be intuitive and uncluttered. Remember, most visitors are using a smartphone, so the last thing they want is to be presented with a drop down containing 15 different options that disappear off the bottom of the screen.


5) Credibility


Never forget, visitors have plenty of choice and they can afford to be choosy. If anything seems a little off-kilter with your site, they will not hesitate to leave, and they will never return. A successful site goes out of its way to demonstrate that it is a credible resource. That means no mistakes, verifiable links, genuine feedback from customers and demonstrable accreditation and site security.

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