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Mobile Bar Hire For Private Parties

Take your drinks offering to the next level and consider a mobile bar set up. A look at mobile bar hire from Essex firm Need A Bar.

Although it might seem like a lot of work from the outset, there’s nothing quite like organising your own private party. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or other special celebration, doing it DIY means you will have control over every aspect of your occasion, and can find flexible services to suit your exact needs and budgets.

Picture what’s involved in setting up your own bar or drinks station for a function, and it might involve time, money, and perhaps even last minute trips to stock up on popular drinks. Contrast this with a business that can install, set-up, provide, and in some cases staff a proper bar set-up, Need A Bar are the business that can add something special to your event.

What Do Need A Bar Offer?

In brief, Need A Bar offer mobile bar hire which can cater for anything from music festivals, pubs holding beer festivals and large scale outdoor events to weddings, club and business functions, and even smaller personal celebrations.

Because they cater to clients of different shapes and sizes, mobile bar hire can mean many different things, from hiring a counter and single beer pump that you can be taught how to use, to booking a fully-fledged bar set-up, complete with accessories, fridges, and staff to run it.

Mobile bar hire is available over quite a large area, which ranges roughly 60 miles from their base in Essex.

Options To Consider When Hiring A Mobile Bar

Need A Bar is very flexible and can offer some of the following services:

Accessories – Every detail covered with anything from dustbins and pop-up gazebos, bottle holders and optics, to cooler boxes available to hire.

Equipment options – the company also offers ice, bar runners and towels, glasses, back of bar fridges, single or multiple beer pumps, and traditional or LED lit bar counters among their services. You can also hire marquees, fridges, taps for real ale, and refrigerated trailers depending on your needs and budget.

Catering To Your Tastes – As a general rule, hiring a mobile bar from a company like this brings you access to a wide variety of beers, wines, speciality ales, and more, along with soft drinks. Most bases are covered, but you can also ask for specific beverages to be ordered in for your event.

Drinks Payment Options – Which will suit you best; having a paid bar where the guests will pay for all their drinks, set up a tab behind the bar, and once that limit is reached your guests will pay, or you could pay a subsidy and ask guests to pay a fixed price. The other option is to pay the whole bill for equipment and drinks hire yourself.

So that’s the bar sorted, but what about the rest of the event or party? Once you’ve planned and booked the food and drink, the fun can really begin!

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