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There’s an App for Everything, and Essex is the Place to Get It

In the mobile age, our lives are increasingly app based. This has led to a thriving app development sector in Essex.

Recently there have been many media reports and articles about the impact of mobile technology on our lives. We’ve all heard the statistics: 85 percent of UK adults own a smartphone, people go online more via their mobiles than they do by desktop, Google puts mobile friendliness high on the agenda when ranking a site – the list goes on.

What people don’t always realise, though, is that we are not all sitting staring at our smartphones and looking up websites on a mobile browser. Sure, we do that sometimes, but here’s another statistic to really think about: more than two thirds of our smartphone usage time is spent on apps.

There are literally millions of apps out there on Google Play and the App Store, but apps are not just for social media, online banking or playing mobile games. Businesses are increasingly developing their own apps, or to put it more precisely, are asking professional developers to do so. As a result, mobile app development in Essex is a thriving sector, and there are a number of small businesses that are achieving big success. So why have businesses gone so app-happy?

Direct impact on sales

A key reason is a very simple one. A mobile app is an additional channel to market that can bring more sales. An app is the ideal platform for a range of marketing techniques such as promotions, discounts and push notifications.

Easier transactions

“Pay via the app” – the phrase just sounds so easy, and in today’s interconnected world, quick, easy transactions will win plenty of repeat business. If a customer can buy a product or service and pay for it, all from their smartphone while they are having a coffee, why would they go anywhere else?

Business Process Optimisation

Apps are not just about B2C relationships. Many are used internally to improve operational procedures and increase business efficiency. After all, it is not just the customers that are using their smartphones, the most recent statistics show that four in every five workers make use of at least one mobile device in the course of their daily duties. App developers provide them with the tools to do their jobs better, smarter and faster.

Feeding the big data machine

Information is power in the big data age, and the company that can capture, measure and interpret all that data best will put itself at an advantage over the rest. Apps provide all sorts of useful analytics, both internal and external. Whether you need to know where your customers are geographically concentrated or how long employees are spending using different aspects of the app, the data is all there, ready and waiting to be analysed.

A great app brings competitive advantage

These are just a few of the uses and advantages of apps to modern business. They all add up to one thing, however, and that is competitive advantage. Given that bespoke app development is still relatively new, there is a lot of first mover advantage to be exploited. Little wonder, then, that mobile app development is one of the biggest growth sectors among Essex small businesses!

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