Five House Selling Myths Busted

Let’s debunk five popular myths about selling your house

Putting your house on the market can be complicated with many factors and unfortunately, the process is rife with myths and horror stories passed between friends and family. Here we put an end to some of the most common myths and find out the truth…

“You should always sell your house in spring”

This is one of the most common myths you will hear about selling your home and it is simply not true. Yes, there are some months when more houses are sold but that’s likely due to the fact more houses are up for sale. There’s no evidence to suggest that any time of year is a “bad” time to put your property on the market. If you’re in doubt about whether it’s the right time for your house to go on the market then ask a Chelmsford Estate Agents for advice.

“Don’t worry about the exterior”

Many sellers seem to focus on the interior of the house when getting prepared to sell, but this isn’t a wise move. It’s obviously important for the inside to be well presented and looking its best, but failing to give the same attention to the exterior can put off buyers. The outside will be what they see before anything else and first impressions matter. Ensure everything is looking well kept such as mowed lawns, no weeds and bins out of eyesight if possible.

“A quick offer means you undervalued your property”

Receiving an offer shortly after your house has been put on the market is not always a bad sign. If your house is a desirable property on sale at a fair price – why wouldn’t you be receiving interest? It’s also worth considering that buyers who have been looking for a while may have already looked at every other similar property in the area. If they’re keeping up to date with the market then they’re likely to be ready to view and decide quickly.

“Overpricing your house will result in higher sale price”

It can be tempting for sellers to overprice their home thinking they’re making a strategic move that will give them more wriggle room in the negotiation process. This approach might seem to make sense but it can actually come back to bite you. Remember that most people search for houses online and can filter their search to remove properties over a certain price. If your property is priced unreasonably high it might be bypassed by potential buyers altogether.

“You shouldn’t worry about the cost of big renovations because you’ll recoup the money in the sale”

This is another very popular myth in the selling world and can end up leaving many sellers out of pocket. It’s just not always true that you will make back the investment of big renovation projects like bathrooms and kitchens and, although it’s possible, it’s probably not a risk you should take. Instead, smaller more affordable projects are a better option and can prove more lucrative; try replacing cabinet doors and adding shelving.


Now that those five widespread myths have been busted, you can sell your property confident that you’re doing it right.

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