Football Classes Available for Toddlers This Summer Time in Ilford!

Why Your Little One Will Thrive With SoccerDays

A soccer class is the perfect way to keep an energetic toddler amused while also building some of their most important skills.

Keeping toddlers amused can be hard, and it’s all too tempting to fall back on the same activities to keep them happy. Why not add something a little different to your routine this summer? SoccerDays are the leading provider of toddler football classes in Ilford, and these lessons are becoming popular with parents and kids alike. Here’s everything you need to know.

No weather disturbances

As every parent with a young child knows, you can have a really fun outdoor activity planned only for the bright, sunny weather to suddenly take a turn for the worse. If the weather decides to spring a few surprises this summer, that’s no problem if you’re signed up to a SoccerDays football class. All of their kids football lessons are held in spacious indoor venues across Ilford and the surrounding area. You won’t have to call off your plans, and there will be no muddy footy kits to wash either!

Setting them up for school

A football class for toddlers isn’t just fun, but it can be the perfect way to prepare your little one for starting school. A SoccerDays class can help them to build on all kinds of skills. They will become more confident in talking to other children, and will be able to develop their social skills. Obviously, they will become more adept at football too – not only setting them up well for playground kick-abouts, but strengthening motor and problem-solving skills.

Introducing healthy habits

When it comes to establishing a healthy lifestyle, you can never start too early. A football class is the ideal activity for toddlers as it is fun, but also helps them to build their physical fitness. In an age where all too many children in Ilford are glued to their phones and computers, getting them enjoying a physical activity at a formative age will help them to see exercise as something that is fun, and they will be much more likely to keep fit in later life.

Coaches you can trust

It’s always a worry sending your child off to a club or activity for the first time, but there’s no need to be nervous about them attending a SoccerDays football class. All of the soccer lessons are carried out by qualified coaches who have undergone FA training, and are also fully equipped with skills such as First Aid and all staff are DBS checked too. Classes are kept small, and children will only learn with kids of a similar age, making lessons much safer and age appropriate.

Why not give it a go for free?

If you want to see if a SoccerDays class could be right for you and your child, then you’ll be pleased to know that they are operating free, no-pressure trials in Ilford this summer. You can pop along to a 45-minute class to see if your child loves football without paying a penny. If they do, then it’s so easy to sign up for a course of lessons in a venue close to your London Borough of Redbridge. So why not head along to one with your toddler in tow this summer, and see just how much it has to offer?


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