Google Reveals The Best Android Phones for Business

Galaxy S6 in black

An overview of some of the best Android smartphones for business ranging from the fully featured Samsung range to more modestly featured phones at attractive prices.

A wide choice of smartphones powered by the world’s most popular platform

One of the great advantages of choosing Google’s Android platform over others such as Apple’s iOS and Microsoft Windows is the sheer choice of smartphones available running the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

In business plenty of choice is important as you can choose a handset – or several if you’re kitting out various members of staff – that meets your business needs precisely. Here are some of the top Android phones currently available:

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Many tech reviewers considered the Samsung Galaxy S8 the best smartphone on the market bar none. It’s successor, the S9, has a tough act to follow and it turns out this release of Samsung’s successful smartphone line offers more evolution rather than revolution; it looks very similar to the S8 and basically enhances some of the S8’s already class leading features.

The S9 is available in two screen sizes; the standard handset sports a 5.8 inch display while the Plus version ups this to 6.2 inches.

Samsung screen quality is legendary and, allied to slick and fast performance and an excellent camera, makes the stylish S9 is a winner. Very high levels of security – especially important in business – is provided by Samsung’s Knox system.

Alternatively, if you don’t necessarily require the latest in smartphone technology, significant savings can be made on the S9’s high purchase price by choosing one of its predecessors such as a refurbished Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Another smartphone from the South Korean electronics giant, the Note has the accent firmly on productivity with its 6.3 inch screen and S Pen stylus technology pushing it into true ‘phablet’ territory.

Its dual camera makes photography quality even better than the impressive Galaxy S8; it’s not cheap at over £850 but still undercuts Apple’s flagship iPhone X by around £150.

OnePlus 5

Undoubtedly one of the best value smartphones on the market, this fully featured and powerful handset from the Chinese maker with a generous 5.5 inch AMOLED display can be had for comfortably under £500.

There’s plenty of memory; the OnePlus 5 starts with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage which is often enough for most users and offers slick performance thanks to its powerful processor.

The OnePlus 5 is a tempting package in that it offers up to the minute smartphone power and screen quality for prices that make a lot of business sense.


It seemed that BlackBerry, having dominated the business market before Apple’s iPhone and Android powered handsets hit the scene, was going the way of the dodo – but under the ownership of the giant Chinese multinational electronics company TCL Communication, a range of modern smartphones offer business users sound options including two Android-powered models:

BlackBerry Priv – the Priv provides many of the strengths of the traditional BlackBerry smartphone design including a physical keyboard – albeit a slide out version – and the company’s legendary high levels of data security.

BlackBerry DTEK50 – a more accessible price than the Priv and while it doesn’t set any records for performance or style (it looks a little anonymous compared to the usual trademark BlackBerry design), it’s a sound business choice especially if being given to multiple employees.

It can easily and simply encrypt data and, in true BlackBerry fashion, keeps everything private with state-of-the-art levels of security.

Google Pixel

You’d expect Android to work well in a phone produced by its creator, and the Pixel phones from Google certainly deliver. Other manufacturers using the Android platform often add their own ‘twist’ to the operating system such as Samsung with their TouchWiz interface, but with Google’s smartphones you get a ‘pure’ version of Android.

Another point in the Pixel phone’s favour is that, as the originator of Android, any new versions or updates come through quickly whereas there can be a time lag on them becoming available on Android devices from other makers.

There are two Pixel phones available; the 2 XL with a 6 inch screen and the 2 with a smaller, 5 inch display. Both phones have excellent 12MP cameras and feature Oreo – the latest version of Android.


There’s still plenty of choice of Android phones even further down the price scale; if you don’t need the ultimate in features and performance your money will go further – a key consideration when buying tech for business of course.

For example, the Nokia 8 comes in at just under £400 yet offers 64GB of storage in an attractive aluminium body. For economically kitting out members of staff with a means to stay in touch and handle basic online and photography tasks the Nokia 3 can be had for around £100.

Excellent value is a hallmark of Lenovo’s range of Android phones such as the Moto G5 with its 5.2 inch screen, 16MP camera and decent levels of memory with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of permanent storage.

In the end of course it boils down to what features you need and budgets – but don’t forget the pre owned and refurbished options.

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