Health and Safety Careers in Essex

Health and safety training

Getting Started with the Right Training

Health and safety is a part of our everyday lives now, and there are plenty of career and training opportunities in the field.

Everyone has an opinion on health and safety rules, but there’s no doubt that much more effort is being made to make sure that people are safe as they go about their everyday lives. This has obviously led to an increase in the amount of jobs in the field, especially in an area like Essex with its huge variety of businesses. So what kind of jobs are out there, and can you become a health and safety professional within your own industry? With the right training and experience, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a successful career in the field.

Health and safety jobs

Health and safety is something that we’re all directly affected by. Whether you’re heading to work, the shops or a music event, you can be sure that the appropriate steps have been taken to keep you free from harm. With increasing awareness and advances in technology, health and safety is always improving and expanding. This means that it’s a pretty lucrative field to get into. There are a wide range of roles available, from health and safety site managers to consulting officials. Deciding which kind of health and safety professional you want to work towards becoming can be tricky, and different people are suited to different roles. One thing that you’ll always need though, regardless of which field you’re getting into, is the right training.

The qualifications

So how can you get started in the health and safety industry? Well, there are many different kinds of positions out there, many of which require specific qualifications. It’s a good idea then, to ease yourself into things with a short introductory course. Signing up to one of the many health and safety awareness courses in Essex will give you a good foundation of knowledge to build on as you progress in your chosen career. You’ll get to grips with the current health and safety laws, learn what risk assessment and method statements are and how to carry them out, and grow more confident in identifying risks and asking for work to be stopped or paused while the issue is resolved. Many of these starter courses only take a day or two, but you’ll be surprised at just how much you can learn. After that, you can then research which specific qualifications you need for your chosen position.

How you can train

There are many different routes you can take to find work in the health and safety industry. Younger people really benefit from apprenticeships, where they can learn and work at the same time. Other people may be able to access training through their existing employer who is keen to develop the skills within their workforce. Or you can study in whatever spare time you have and then look for a job. Whatever route you go down, there are lots of jobs to be found in a thriving business hub like Essex. With great transport links to London and other parts of the country, it’s the ideal place to find your dream health and safety position. So why not look into starting your training today?

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