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How using a professional service can take the strain off waste removal

Whether you have an entire house to clear or you’re just looking to have a major tidy up, there exist specialist services who can help you clear the decks and save you trying to find your nearest skip hire contractor.

With ever more stringent regulations concerning the disposal of certain items such as electrical appliances, the option to use a licensed service who can take care of this is undoubtedly attractive.

When a house clearance professional may be called

Times when experts might be needed:

Deceased relative

in the unfortunate circumstance of a family member or close friend you’re responsible for passing away, clearing their home of their furniture and other belongings may be necessary before selling the property or offering it to let.

Clearing the house yourself may be a distressing thing to do, or it may prove too much hassle in terms of securing help to move bulky items, arrange transport of same, and knowing how and where to dispose of certain items such as electrical appliances. A reputable house clearance service can handle the entire process for you.

Some clearance specialists may be prepared to buy (or reduce the cost of the house clearance by the value of) certain items in reasonable condition such as furniture.

Some may be prepared to buy the deceased’s vehicle. If it’s likely to go to scrap ensure they are going to either dispose of it as per government scrapping regulations or use an appropriate third party such as a licensed car scrapping service.

Damaged property

if your property or one you are responsible for suffers from flooding or fire, the damaged items can be removed and disposed of by a specialist who has the know how and equipment to handle items that have suffered fire or flood damage.

At times, removing items from flood or fire damaged can be hazardous to health and may be far reaching; for example, such as removing not only carpeting but the underlay, too.


some people find it difficult to be ruthless when disposing of items hoarded over a length of time, and items that should probably be thrown away end up being retained. If you know you should really be clearing, say, a garage or a couple of rooms of all clutter then deferring to a house clearance specialist will ensure everything goes.

Garden waste

after a major clear out in the garden, much waste can result and it’s not as easy as, say, just taking a couple of garden sacks full of grass cuttings to the local tip. This can be especially true if garden waste extends to old garden furniture or a barbecue unit that’s seen better days.

Garage clearance

garages can harbour some awkward and heavy items and some dangerous substances. Using a house clearance specialist to clear your garage could be much easier than tackling it on your own. Although, even your house clearance specialist may not be able to remove everything.

When time is pressing

it’s not always necessary for you to be present during the house clearance; a boon if time is short or if you prefer not to be present such as when a deceased close relative’s house is being cleared out.

Other advantages of using a professional house clearance company

Proper environmental clearance

certain items must be disposed of by licensed operators so a professional house clearance service will be appropriately licensed to dispose of specific waste.

Avoid skip hire

if you hire a skip, you may need multiple ‘reloads’ to remove everything that needs clearing so that’s more to organise.

Also, you’ll need a permit if it’s situated on a public road or path and there’s sometimes the inconvenience and annoyance of others helping themselves to dumping their waste items in it. Even worse, they may throw something in your skip that requires licensed removal such as certain electrical appliances.

Peace of mind

dealing with a professional means you can relax knowing they have the expertise to deal with, say, heavy items. They’ll also be fully insured and knowledgable in what can be removed and where.


an experienced house clearance company will be happy to provide a quote and the prices for removing specific items such as, say, an old piano. If you can send them a photo of the items to be cleared they can provide a more accurate price – most clearance pricing quotes are based on weight.

Use the experts

Ultimately, you could try doing house clearance yourself but it often proves a larger and more complex task than first envisaged. Also, it’s not even certain you’d save money if factors such as skip hire and maybe paying one or two people to lend their muscle for a day or so are taken into account.

Avoid using outfits who can do a bit of ‘clearance on the side’ for cash in hand. They are not likely to be fully licensed or insured or offer the expertise you require.

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