How Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Can Help You Shed The Pounds For Good

The non-surgical weight loss procedure that offers long-lasting results

If you’re struggling to shed the excess pounds, hypnotherapy for weight loss could be the solution you’re looking for.

With over two thirds of adults in the UK classed as overweight or obese, it’s safe to say that Britain has a weight problem. And, with excess weight linked to a number of health problems, including heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes, this has significant consequences for our health – both as individuals and as a nation.

Dieting obstacles

With research showing that over two thirds of Brits consider themselves to be on a diet ‘most of the time’, it’s clear that people are keen to tackle the problem and lose weight. However, it is equally obvious that many of us stumble at the first hurdle, either failing to lose weight and returning to our old habits, or losing the pounds on a crash diet and then piling them back on just as quickly.

For many people, willpower (or the lack of it) is a key factor when it comes to effective and sustained weight loss, and studies have shown that most people find it difficult to stick to a diet for more than a few weeks. There is even evidence to suggest that our brains are working against us, fighting back against the perceived threat of starvation when we start to limit our calorie intake.

Mind over matter

Frustrated at a lack of progress, some people turn to surgical options, such as a gastric band, to help them reach a healthy weight. However, these major operations come with risks of complications, and, what’s more, they fail to address the patient’s underlying issues with food.

As an alternative to these surgical options, some dieters are instead looking to lose weight by harnessing the power of the mind and undergoing hypnotherapy and hypnosis-based treatment.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a relative newcomer to the diet and wellbeing industry, but it is one that is demonstrating visible results – and picking up lots of new converts in the process.

Combining weight-loss hypnosis and visualisation techniques with psychology-based approaches such as talking therapies and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, this field of treatment aims to identify and resolve clients’ problematic relationships with food, and give them the tools they need to achieve meaningful and long-lasting weight loss. Some treatment providers even take clients through the visualisation process of getting a gastric band fitted – offering them the benefits of surgery without going under the knife.

Permanent lifestyle change

Unlike fad diets which provide a quick fix, providers of hypnotherapy-based weight loss solutions claim to offer their clients a positive and permanent change in lifestyle. Using psychology as both a diagnostic and treatment tool, hypnotherapy for weight loss aims to retrain your brain and permanently change your attitude towards food and eating. Many providers also provide follow-up support and diet and nutrition advice, making it even easier to keep those pounds off.

Although hypnotherapy for weight loss may sound like an unconventional solution, its unique approach really does seem to work for many people. So, if you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are still struggling with your weight, weight loss hypnotherapy could be the solution you’re looking for.

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