How Local Businesses Use Celebrities to Increase Their Business Profile

How Local Businesses Use Celebrities To Increase Their Business Profile

Dr. Martens launched their highly anticipated new store this week in Chelmsford at Bond Street, with Rat Boy performing at an exclusive intimate opening gig.

Southend band Suspects, a punk-inspired duo with grungy sounds, supported Rat Boy for the evening, warming up the room and getting the crowd eager to welcome them into the brand-new store.

Over 200 people turned out for the event to enjoy an evening of complimentary music and drinks throughout the evening. The hip-hop and indie music, topped with an unfiltered rock attitude, spilled out onto Bond Street, making the launch a night to remember for Chelmsford’s local community.

For Chelmsford, it brings a new flagship store into the City and a new audience to shop in the town centre.

The Chelmsford-based Dr. Martens store are set to hold further community based events and meet-ups in the following weeks, working with a range of diverse individuals and groups in the surrounding community.

There are many advantages in using a high-profile celebrity or brand at a launch event, whether it’s in print, Internet, radio or television format, businesses can benefit from the exposure and customers it can bring in.

It can influence consumer purchases, as the celebrities target audience will have the mentality “if the product is good enough for her, then it’s good enough for me.” Celebrities in advertising build brand awareness at a much quicker rate than traditional types of advertising. Alongside this, they can help to attract new users and propel the brands reputation.

Dr. Martens has a history of rebellious self-expression, appealing to people with their own individual style but share a united spirit with people who want to stand for something. The brand has become synonymous with festival culture and music has become the heartbeat of the brand.

The new Dr. Martens store in Chelmsford is located at Unit 3, 72 Bond Street, CM1 1BE.

Image credit: Essex TV.

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