How Security System Works in Essex

Security systems have changed in the recent past to become more sophisticated and secure. It’s now possible to find security systems that have been enhanced with technology to give them superior performance capacity. Like in other regions, security companies in Essex have these systems and will install then to anyone in need. Although some of these systems are made for specific purposes like domestic or commercial use, some of them can be customised to fit any property. The systems also come in different types for different applications. However, the security system products should always be combined with manned guarding services for better results.


These types of security systems are made to prevent property intrusion and are made with different specifications to suit different types of properties. These systems don’t hinder intrusion, but they alert you in case there is one. They also tend to scare most intruders off and can be made to prevent other disasters like fire. Smoke detectors and fire alarms fall under this category, as well as door entrance and window alarms.

Visual systems

The most common type of visual security system is CCTV cameras. Still, nowadays, there are also other types of video security systems that are smaller and perfect for smaller residential properties. Visual systems work by letting you know who comes and goes from your property, and sometimes they can record activities that go on there. If you choose the door systems, you can see who comes to your home before you open the door and even get alerts in case of intrusion when you’re not home. Many theft perpetrators have been brought to justice because of visual security systems recordings.

Access systems

Access security systems do more than just control who comes in and out of your property. These systems are most ideal for commercial premises because they also allow you to see when your employees come to work and leave. These systems should be installed at the main point of entry, which means that you need to ensure that the property doesn’t have several entry points. They come in different types ranging from card readers to metal detectors that security companies in Essex can help you choose from. There are also video and audio security systems for residential properties. Like commercial systems, they can also help you know who enters the building and trace their whereabouts inside the building until they leave.

Communication systems

Communication systems can also be part of security systems, especially for disabled people. Sometimes when there’s an emergency that requires prompt evacuation, people with disabilities are left behind. They may not be able to access the emergency escape routes and will be trapped. Communication systems allow rescue teams to locate them and assist them. These systems can also be used in case of hostage situations.


All these systems can be used in collaboration with the other. For instance, you can have CCTV and motion detectors installed to maximise security. However, they are still not enough if you don’t have manned guarding services. These are security personnel who offer physical muscles in case of intrusion or emergency. They are quick to respond and, as such, form part of VIP security services.

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