How to Cool Down A Room Fast

Few things are more uncomfortable than a room that is too hot, leaving you struggling to go about your everyday tasks. As the temperatures rise, it can seem like dealing with that discomfort is inevitable. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to cool down a room, almost instantly! Here are some options for you to try out:

Air Conditioning (AC)

Your first option is simple: turn on air conditioning. Of course this is probably something you’ve already tried if you have one at home. If you think air conditioning is not for you, for example because you’d only need it a couple of months out of the year, think again. A wall mounted air conditioning unit doesn’t have to break the bank, and can be surprisingly easy to install. They are fit on a high wall, generally above a door, and are known to be very quiet. If not being able to sleep at night with the A.C on worries you, there are units that are almost unnoticeable. The extra, cool air flow that they provide can make a room feel comfortable again almost instantly, and they are a must if you experience uncomfortably hot temperatures on a regular basis.


Another good option for cooling down a room is to use a fan. By itself, a fan can be noisy and doesn’t necessarily cool down a room as much as you’d hope. But if you can understand the air flow in your house or apartment and adjust your fan accordingly, you may find that it cools things down faster than you’d expect. The best thing that you can do with fans is to place them near windows, encouraging hot air to leave the room and cool air from the outside to enter it. Be aware that this technique only works if the air outside is cooler than the room though. In summer, this will be the case during the night but not necessarily during the day.


So you just came back from work to find your home boiling, and it seems like it’s too hot to do anything. There are a few steps you could have taken to avoid that situation. For example, covering all windows with blinds or curtains can keep the sun from entering and making a room too hot. Of course, sometimes you will need to let light in, but if you are ever away from home, do consider covering up all windows, as it will make a big difference in the temperature of the room. Also make sure that all lights in the house are off. Light bulbs can actually warm up the temperature of a room quite a bit, so make sure none has been left on during the day.

An uncomfortably hot room can seem like a curse…but it doesn’t have to be! By using a mixture of prevention, and using fans or A.C to control the airflow, you will be able to cool it down instantly. So make the most out of the equipment that you have, follow some simple rules, and you should see a quick change in your room temperature.

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