How to Create More Space in Your Home

Every homeowner dreams of owning a spacious home which is possible. Maximising space is the most effective way to make your home spacious and appealing regardless of its size. You can also reach out to space planning services for advice on how you can make your home more spacious. In this article, we’re going to look at ways to create more space into your home.

  • Add mirrors

Mirrors can make a space seem big and brighter. If your house is close to a river, park or open view, you can place a mirror on a wall close to the window so that you can be able to view all these things from inside. This makes your home seem spacious, and you will love it.

  • Make your kitchen easy to cook in

Kitchen is generally the most used room of your home. It has to be functional, hospitable and enjoyable to prepare all sorts of meals and can also be used for entertaining the visitors. You can create more space into your kitchen by adding vertical storage shelves in your pantry. Make use of drawer organisers to store dry foods and containers to store other foods. Get rid of used foods, dry goods that are somehow eaten and set up an overhead pot and pan storage to create space beneath your counters.

  • Add lights

Light can make a home seem larger than its actual size. Installing various types of light all over your home can make your room brighter and intensify its height. Wipe windows more often to allow more brilliant light and sun to get into your house. Settle on a dimmer effect, low and high lighting systems to let in light from different positions, levels as well as intensities.

  • Add a wallpaper

Decorating walls with different colours make a room seem taller and spacious. Make use of one colour scheme and paint the ceiling as well as walls with a dark and shade light colour to build a contrast that brings in warmth. When it comes to painting, use lighter colours since they make your home brighter when compared to darker ones.

  • Keep windows open

Leaving windows open or slightly enclosed can let in additional light, sunlight as well as joy into your home, and in case there are windows it will bring in a pleasant reflection. Closed windows make a room darker and can make a room seem smaller than it is. Opening the windows and any other openings allow direct and radiant views, thereby making your room appear larger than it is.

  • Hide excess clothing

It can be nearly impossible to fit all your clothes and accessories into your closets and shelves. Some homes lack enough space to accommodate extra cabinets or to set up closet space. You can embrace the use of containers to store extra clothing, or you can place them under the bed. Setting up a dust ruffle underneath is the other option you can adopt to ensure the boxes are out of public view.

  • Use a room for another purpose other than the intended one

If the architecture design of a room is for a specified function, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for other purposes. For instance, you can modify your closet into a study room, thereby getting the best out of the limited space.

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