How To Deter Burglars From Breaking Into Your Home

Google Street View Poses A Threat To Your Property

Homeowners need to contact Google and take essential security steps to safeguard their property from potential burglars.

Concerns that burglars are using Google Street View to target properties, have sparked the Police along with Neighbourhood Watch officials to warn residents that their homes may be at risk. Although many of the photos may be considered too old to pose a current threat, the authorities are highlighting that criminals are still able to use these images to gain an overview of where a property backs onto a pathway or hidden exit that would allow for a swift getaway following their burglary.

Google’s terms and conditions state that properties can be blurred from the Street View tool, but only by request. For example, the homes of high-profile people such as Sir Paul McCartney and Tony Blair are not visible when you search their neighbourhoods. Police are urging all homeowners to also contact Google to ensure that their home cannot be scoped out by criminals. But this is just the first step that homeowners should take to protect their properties. Here are some other essential ways to deter burglars.

Install An Intruder Alarm

A fantastic visual deterrent for criminals who are intent on breaking into your property, is the threat of a burglar alarm going off or capturing their image on CCTV. The latest alarms include a number of incorporated systems – glass-break detection, remote alarm signalling, microwave and passive infrared (PIR) technologies as well as magnetic reed contacts can all be utilised.

If you’re not sure what type of intruder alarm system you require for your home, then opt for a burglar alarms Essex survey which will provide you with customised recommendations for your security needs. You will likely find that the installation of an intruder alarm will also help to bring down your home insurance premiums, providing both you and your insurance company with peace of mind!

Hide Valuables

In the case of opportunist thieves, it’s important not to provide any temptation for them to target your home. This means hiding valuables away rather than leaving them in full view of any passers-by. For example, don’t leave car keys by the door – even if you’ve closed it behind you, thieves may use a hooking device to lift keys through the letterbox and drive off with your vehicle. Anything of particularly high value should be moved to your upper floors, as they’re less likely to be accessed during a burglary. Ideally, jewellery, cash or important documents such as passports should be stored in a locked safe.


There’s a reason that a third of all home burglaries occur between November and February, making it the peak season of the year – the lack of light. Burglars naturally prefer to operate in the dark, so ensure that you make this as difficult as possible all-year-round by equipping your home with floodlighting which triggers when someone walks past. You can also use indoor timers on your lights to make your home look occupied when you’re not there. This is particularly useful if you’re out for the evening, work nightshifts or are away on holiday.

Protecting your home from burglars begins by being as proactive as possible. Take a good look at potential weaknesses in your property, talk to security experts about using the latest tech to deter intruders and ensure that you follow police advice to obscure the view of your property on Google Street View.

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