How To Enjoy Your Covid Staycation

Get The Most Out Of Your UK Holiday

Have you cancelled an international holiday this year? A UK staycation offers so much more than merely being your Plan B.

March was the first month of lockdown in the UK, and during this time there was a surge in searches for British staycations. International holidays have now resumed to a large number of destinations. However, with restrictions in place, and uncertainties surrounding what it is like to be abroad during a global pandemic, many Brits have chosen to stay at home to enjoy a staycation. It may not be how you’d expected to spend your holidays this year, but the UK offers breath-taking scenery, tons of activities and plenty of family-friendly fun. Follow these tips to ensure you make the most out of your Covid staycation and you may find that you don’t even want to venture overseas this time next year.

Where To Go

Whether you’re looking for pretty market towns to potter around, vast stretches of coastline to explore or rolling hills to hike, the UK has pretty much everything you could wish for. You can head to the beaches of Cornwall, the lakes of Cumbria or the picture-perfect villages of the Cotswolds.

Finding The Perfect Accommodation

Staying in self-catering accommodation makes perfect sense due to the conditions of the pandemic. What better solution than to enjoy a change of scenery by booking local cottages to rent in Suffolk, exploring the local area and holing up in a cosy home for the night? Wherever you choose to base yourselves in the UK, you can be assured of stunning scenery. When choosing your accommodation, have a think about how you’ll be using it. If you’re planning to bring your family dog, then you’ll need to locate a pet-friendly cottage, whilst kids and couples might enjoy a hot tub or indoor pool.

Make A Plan

Spontaneity is a great part of the average staycation, but during the pandemic it pays to be a little more prepared than usual. Make sure you know where your local facilities are, including shops, healthcare services and also which activity centres might be open. Due to restrictions, many places like zoos or National Trust sites may require you to book your tickets in advance.

Switch Off

It’s important to unplug just as much during your staycation as you would if you were lying poolside in some distant resort. Although it may be tempting to keep checking your emails, particularly if you run your own business, this won’t do your mental health any good. A staycation shouldn’t mean that your mind stays at work. Take the time to unwind, recharge your batteries and be fully present for your family.

Forget Homeschooling

The academic year is over, but if you’ve spent the last four months up to your eyes in homeschooling work, then it can be tempting to incorporate ‘learning’ into your everyday life. Remember though that in a traditional school year, the summer holidays are set aside to allow kids to be kids, not pupils. Find trees to climb, paths to ride their bikes on and nature for them to explore and ditch the times tables and phonics lessons until September comes around.

There’s every reason to get excited about your next staycation – it’s a fantastic chance to destress from what has been an extremely challenging year, and explore a part of the country which might be new to you. Enjoy your break!

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