How to Prepare Your House to Sell

Find out what you need to do to get your house ready to sell

So you’ve decided to sell your house… now what? You’ve got to take some necessary steps to get your property ready, make it attractive to potential buyers and increase your chances of selling.

Prepare all relevant documents

Unfortunately a large part of selling your house requires the completion of paperwork and displaying relevant documents. Ask your Chelmsford estate agents to help you get everything you need, but start thinking about planning permission, building regulation certificates, gas checks and so on.

Think digitally

Your property needs to sell itself both in person and through a screen. A potential buyer usually sees the house in photos before they do in person. The demand for digital house tour videos has also increased, especially due to COVID, so ensuring your property works well digitally is more important then ever. You can do this by letting in lots of natural light and having bright spaces.

Clean everything

Getting your house clean to the highest standard is your first priority. Clean from top to bottom and in every crack and crevice. There’s really no point worrying about other aspects of your home if the house itself isn’t looking its best. Make sure all floors are dirt-free and wipe down walls where possible. You should also concentrate on grouting between tiles and ensuring there is no evidence of mould or mildew in bathrooms.

Rid spaces of clutter

Once your house is clean then it’s time to tidy. De-cluttering your rooms can make them appear bigger and more appealing to buyers. Utilise any storage solutions you’ve already got or consider installing some new affordable options; for example a couple of big baskets to hide away kids toys or a bathroom cabinet to contain all your toiletries. The less “stuff” visible, the better.

Tidy up your garden

The area outside your house is what the buyer sees first and you want to give a good first impression. Your front garden, porch, path or whatever leads up to your house should be in top condition. It should be free of weeds, childrens bikes and discarded garden tools. You can also pay attention to your wheelie bins – they’re never going to be pretty, but if you can ensure they’re clean and away from the path to the front door then that’s good.

The same goes for a back garden. It should be looking groomed and maintained.

Display your rooms as advertised

If you’re listing advertises a three-bedroom house, then do your best to show a three-bedroom house – not a property with two bedrooms and a home office. This shows potential buyers what the property actually offers and is easier for them to visualise their life there.

Remove your personal touches

You should aim to give your house as much of a “blank canvas” feeling as possible to allow viewers to easily imagine themselves and their belongings in there. This means de-personalising the space by removing large family photos, your children’s artwork and other overly personal items. If you own a pet then it can be a good idea to remove as many pet-related items as possible; if the potential buyers are not into animals then these things can be hard to see past.


Once you’ve ticked these things off your checklist, you’re property should be ready to put on the market.

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