Latest iPhone 8 News – What Can We Expect Next For Month’s Release?

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What will the Next Generation of Britain’s Most Popular Smartphone Bring To The Business World?

On the 10th anniversary of its original release, the latest generation of iPhone will bring some of the most exciting developments in the product’s history. Essex entrepreneurs will be queuing up to get the latest iPhone.

When Apple announced the very first iPhone in 2007, it is fair to say that it had a bigger impact on the mobile phone industry than anything that had come before it. In the intervening decade, other types of smartphone have come and gone, yet nothing causes quite so much excitement and media discussion as the release of a new generation of this iconic brand.

Less than a year has passed since the release of the iPhone 7, which was accompanied by the now traditional queues of customers camping outside Apple stores days in advance. Yet already, the nation is gripped by the news that the iPhone 8 will be hitting the shelves in September.

So what new features can we expect to see, and how soon should you and your sleeping bag be heading for Regent Street?

Glass design

Commentators are predicting that the 10th anniversary edition could be the most radical new iPhone to date. There have been rumours doing the rounds for the past couple of upgrades relating to an all-glass body, but this could be the moment that rumours become reality.

Others suggest that the rear of the device will be housed in a metal frame, and the front will sport contoured glass.

Perhaps the most likely answer is that Apple will offer two versions of the phone, marketing the all-glass option at a premium level.


Wireless charging was widely predicted for the iPhone 7, but did not appear. We know that Apple has the technology, as it has been using it in the Apple Watch for some time. The issue is that the inductive charging technology works fine through the watch’s ceramic backplate, but not through a metal phone case. However, if the all glass rumours prove to be true, then there will be nothing to stop the long awaited arrival of wireless charging.

At present, inductive charging has a very short range, so the benefits are limited to the convenience of not having to mess around with cables. Right now, you would still need to place the device on a wired mat. However, mighty oaks from small acorns grow, and the time when your phone will happily charge from your pocket whenever it is close to the wireless charger is surely the next logical progression.


Striking the right balance between security and ease of access has always been a conundrum. The fact is undeniable that users find it inconvenient to type a password every time they swipe on, yet at the same time, phone theft and fraud is an increasing problem.

The iPhone 8 might present biometric features such as facial recognition or iris scanning, so for the first time your phone will genuinely “recognise” its owner.


The latest leaks point towards a dual camera setup that is identical to the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the cameras will be rearranged from the current horizontal setup to a vertical position. It is unclear what effect this alignment will have on the iPhone 8’s overall functionality.

As soon as we know where to buy the latest iPhone 8 we’ll

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