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An overview of the products supplied by Milestone Supplies suitable for landscape gardening projects; aggregates, paving, ballast and top soil option covered.

One stop supplier of materials for paving, driveways gardens and more

If you’re planning a landscape gardening project then a good choice of materials for aspects such as paving, other hard surfaces and even the topsoil for the new beds and borders is important. Finding a supplier who preferably has all you may need under one roof and can deliver reliably at a competitive price is also key.

Essex-based aggregates and natural stone supplier Milestone Supplies, based near the Dartford Crossing in Grays, and a supplier of choice for many landscape gardeners and driveway installers, offer you just about all the surface materials you’re likely to need for a small or larger scale landscaping project.

A wide choice

When considering your landscaping project, being able to choose the most appropriate material for something like a path or area of hard standing is important. Looks come into it but so does convenience; maybe you want an ultra low maintenance type like granite? Perhaps you like the idea of something that looks instantly established such as reclaimed natural stone?

Some of your options:

Paving – if you’d like to benefit from natural stone paving, Milestone Supplies can offer basically six types; choose from sandstone, limestone, granite, slate, Yorkstone (a type of sandstone) and the increasingly popular travertine.

Gravel – you may think gravel is gravel, but think again as Milestone Supplies offer various types in a choice of shades so it’s easy to select something that complements the rest of the garden area.

Some options include:

  • Golden flint – for a classic golden brown look
  • Flint gravel – a fine gravel usually available in white, grey or brown
  • Granite gravels – offer an attractive and hard wearing option in dark grey, pale grey, silver grey, white, brown or green
  • A slate variety – available in blue, plum or green
  • A Cotswold type – available in the creamy golden colour typical of the stone seen in this area of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire

Steps – various natural stone steps can be chosen in sandstone, limestone and granite in a variety of finishes and colours.

Pebbles – these can add interest to a landscaped area, so it’s even better if you’ve plenty of choice. Milestone Supplies offer many options including larger or smaller types, pebbles in a polished finish and various colours ranging from plain beige, a mixed colour type of greys, whites and browns and a striking black option.

Boulders and rockery stones – ideal for use in conjunction with a water feature, boulders and rockery stones can be chosen in various finishes including an aged limestone type and the layered finish of Yorkstone.

Large feature stones add interest and can be chosen in dramatic colours such as purple and blue.

Setts and cobbles – if you fancy the classic traditional look of cobbles, then again various natural stone types such as sandstone, granite and limestone can be chosen.

Reclaimed stone – maybe you’d like your garden to look weathered from the start, or the idea of your stone having previously been laid many years ago on a street or road somewhere appeals? If so, some reclaimed Yorkstone paving provides a classic, natural look as do some reclaimed granite setts.

Sand, shingle and ballast – sand will likely be a key component material in your landscaping project whether used in a cement mix or on its own such as when laying setts.

Milestone Supplies offer various types of sand such as ‘standard’ builders or sharp sand (the latter for use usually when laying block or slab paving) and sand suitable for use when plastering.

Ballast comes in various quantities as does granite MOT – a type of granite certified by the Department of Transport as suitable for road use so perfect for use in driveway, patio and roadway sub bases. Shingle is offered in various stone sizes ranging from 10 to 40mm.

Topsoil and bark – a premium grade, multi purpose topsoil is available from Milestone Supplies available in bags or loose; this gives new borders and beds and maybe larger pots the best start with some decent soil to help new plantings grow.

You could also add a soil improver made of recycled green materials that can be worked into existing or newly created borders and beds.

Various types of bark such as spruce, pine or a soft wood chip variety can be specified. The bark versions are popular for general landscaping applications such as beds, borders and some open areas whereas the wood chip is maybe more likely to be seen on walkways.

Bricks – if a wall or similar is part of the landscaping plan, then a wide selection of bricks in various finishes and colours are available including yellows, browns, buffs, reds and greys.

Other related products

If you’re planning some other work in conjunction with a landscape gardening project then Milestone Supplies can help:

Roofing – natural, cement and fibre tiles are available along with pebbles and aggregates suitable for use when installing or replacing a felt roof.

De icing and rock salt – when you need to de ice or improve grip in the winter once your new garden is finished, Milestone Supplies offer brown rock salt and a white de icing version to keep hard surfaces free of ice and ensure they’re safe to walk on.


Milestone Supplies pride themselves on providing knowledgeable support, so any queries on their product range are welcomed.

The company offer various delivery options; courier delivery can be arranged to most parts of the UK while Hiab delivery (using a lorry with a crane attached) is offered to certain postcodes in the Greater London, South East and East of the country.

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