Meet Lucentum, Essex’s Most Dynamic Accountants


Accounts Firm Nominated for Best Website

Lucentum does not fit the traditional mould as a stuffy accountancy firm, but brings a 21st century twist to the industry

“Dull, dull, dull.” So said Michael Palin in the guise of frustrated chartered accountant Mr Anchovy in the iconic Monty Python sketch, when describing his profession and dreaming of becoming a lion tamer. But times have changed, and in the 21st century, accountants are responsible for more than basic bookkeeping.

In the modern era of outsourcing, they are a crucial partner to numerous businesses, helping to bring clarity, maximise opportunities and drive businesses forward. Yet in many people’s minds, there is still that “Mr Anchovy” image, and for some firms it might be well deserved.

Lucentum therefore comes as a breath of fresh air, bringing a modern day approach and cutting edge solutions to the financial needs of Essex businesses. This was recognised by local industry leaders at this year’s Essex Digital Awards (EDAs).

About the EDAs

Launched in 2014, and run every year since, the EDAs recognise innovation and technological developments by local businesses, leaders, charities and individuals. Those involved come from a broad range of industries and organisations, large and small.

The annual event is one of the highlights of the calendar in the digital world, and this year it took place in Boreham House, Chelmsford. Hundreds of guests attended, and the awards were presented by BBC journalist and presenter Robin Bailey.

About Lucentum

Established in 2008, Lucentum is a company that prides itself on being a little different. The organisation focuses on a no-nonsense, plain speaking approach, and embraces the importance of both the human factor and of using the latest innovations in technology.

In other words, it is a firm that is keen to break the Mr Anchovy mould, and bring a 21st century vibe to the world of accountancy.

This is certainly a philosophy that is clearly visible as soon as you take a look at the company’s website. It is safe to say that it looks like no other accountancy firm’s site you are ever likely to see, and it is this spirit of innovation and forward thinking that led to it being shortlisted in the “Best B2B Website” category at the 2017 EDAs.

Partners of partners

Lucentum is the trusted partner to some of Essex’s most exciting and successful businesses, but of course, it also has partners of its own that it relies on, and this is certainly the case as far as the website is concerned.

It was created by Bright Lights Creative, a web design agency that is no stranger to the EDAs itself. In fact, it has been nominated in the “Website: Small business” category every year since 2015, when they took the bronze award.

Based in the picturesque village of Gosfield, near Halstead, Bright Lights Creative has built a reputation as one of the top web design companies serving the Essex and Suffolk region, and is another company where the spirit of innovation is clear for all to see.

With partnerships like these, it looks like the future of digital innovation in Essex is in safe hands.

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