Most Popular Business Phones

Samsung S8

Some of the popular phones for business discussed on the Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft platforms includes Samsung, OnePlus and Apple phones. 

Plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a smartphone for work

Unless you’re determined to only choose Apple’s iconic iPhone come what may, there are plenty of options when it comes to suitable phones for work and business.

Google’s Android platform features on several phones from heavyweight manufacturers such as Samsung; those who like Microsoft’s mobile platform haven’t been forgotten; and despite their dominance of the business phone market having declined in recent years BlackBerry have some strong offerings.

What to choose?

Such a welter of choice can make it difficult to choose the best phone, but it may be narrowed down a little depending on what platform you currently use. If you’re using Android maybe you’re keen to stick with it which would rule out consideration of the iPhone.

Alternatively, if you’re committed to Apple then a move across to Android may not be on the agenda. On the other hand, you may be considering either moving from Android to iOS or the other way round, so either way a whole new range of smartphones would need to be considered.

Some of the top business choices:


Blackberry PrivYou may have thought BlackBerry had disappeared with their business phone hegemony having been broken amidst reports of their financial difficulties, but they’re very much alive and kicking with these smartphones:

Priv – BlackBerry offer an Android phone in the form of the 5.4 inch screened Priv. It looks more like a modern smartphone with its full face screen although the trademark BlackBerry keyboard is still there in slide out guise, and offers the company’s much vaunted high strength security; a key benefit where sensitive business data is concerned.

DTEK50 – not as expensive or as powerful as the Priv, but highly secure in that it encrypts all data. Considered a solid and cost-effective choice as a phone to equip several employees with.

Classic -there are still those who feel at home with the classic BlackBerry ‘permanent keyboard’ design, so they’re still catered for. Long battery life is a key benefit for protracted periods on the move.

Samsung S8Samsung S8 and S8 Plus

The S8 had a hard act to follow as the replacement for the S7, the smartphone universally praised by tech reviewers – some of whom dubbed it the ‘best phone in the world.’ If you choose an S8 for your own small business use or are equipping your staff with new phones, the Samsung is a great choice with its powerful performance, top quality AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen and their Knox security which, the company claim, is every bit as secure as BlackBerry’s.

The S8 or S8 Plus aren’t cheap, so you could save money and plump for a good quality reconditioned version of the still-excellent Galaxy S7 Edge; the predecessor of the S8.

iPhone 8

iphone8 plusApple’s latest iPhone squares up to the Samsung S8 in the same way its predecessor the 7 did battle with the Samsung S7 during 2016 and part of 2017.

If you’re already using an iPhone 7 there may not be much need to upgrade unless you really desire wireless charging. The 8 looks almost identical to the 7 and screen technology hasn’t moved up to the OLED found on its key rival, the Samsung S8. Performance is increased thanks to a new chip, but for many the 7 is still plenty powerful enough.

For those using iPhones such as the 6 or older, then a move to the 8 is worth considering. The staple Apple attributes that cause the iPhone to be the biggest selling smartphone of all such as build quality, simple interface and the welter of useful business apps available are well to the fore.

OnePlus 3 and 5

OnePlus 3This Chinese maker offers superb value for money smartphones so making for a very cost effective way of equipping a workforce with the latest mobile technology. With a cutting edge AMOLED screen, powerful processor and generous RAM starting at 6GB, you get a lot of phone for your money.

The newer 5 model represents good value, but even better is the older OnePlus 3. It’s naturally not as powerful or fully featured as its newer stablemate, but still makes for a very strong option amongst Android powered phones.

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL

Microsoft Lumia 950The Lumia phones make for an appealing option where many businesses use Microsoft Windows on office computers and laptops.

Another great asset is the Lumia’s ability, in conjunction with the optional display dock, to transform itself into a desktop computer so making for a truly versatile work tool. The Lumia is a well specified phone boasting 3GB of RAM and a 20 megapixel rear camera; you also get a one year subscription to the company’s business software suite, Office Personal.

Decisions, decisions

There are other phones of course – other Android offerings can be found from HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and the creator of Android itself, Google, with their Nexus range to name a few. As said above, your allegiance to either the Android or Apple iOS platform may make most of the decision for you.

Also, your network provider may be offering tempting packages on certain phones if you’re inclined to review your options when contracts are about to expire as opposed to buying your phone outright.

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