Professional Commercial Painters Help Businesses Shine

Reasons for choosing to use professional painters to redecorate a business premises; benefits include speed, ability to access difficult to reach areas and more.

A business premises needs more than just a quick lick of paint

For businesses perhaps just starting up from scratch in their first premises, for enterprises moving to a new site, or those looking to refresh their existing offices or unit then reputable commercial painters can help give a business premises a professional look.

Their expertise in decorating commercial sites of all shapes and sizes can make a big difference in helping a business look good quickly and efficiently.

About commercial painters and decorators

Many of us have wielded a paint brush at some time or another at home or even to titivate a small office or light industrial unit, so you may think it shouldn’t be too hard to do the same for a business premises or that buy to let house you’ve invested in.

While it may seem a bit extravagant to call in professional painters compared to getting a few people together, grabbing a few tins of magnolia form the local DIY store and having a painting session, professional help could pay off in the long run.

Knowledge and time

A reputable commercial painter will not only save you the time it would take to do the job yourself, but may actually save you money in the long run.

This could be achieved by a full assessment of the job and proper implementation. For example, if you run a catering business then the type of paint used in the kitchen may need to be a specific type rather than the standard emulsion you thought would do the job.

Getting it right initially will avoid having to redecorate later.

A full service

A company that can handle most if not all commercial situations such as painting hard to reach areas and is used to handling various projects such as commercial, older buildings, various types of housing and new builds decorating should be sought.

A company such as Spectrum painters and decorators in Suffolk is a good example of a company with a strong track record capable of meeting most challenges.

More benefits of using professional painters

Commercial painters can offer:

Time – not just saving you the time of doing it yourself, but with access to the right equipment and tools and necessary know how, professionals can get the job done quicker than you might manage.

Safer – even painting the house can be hazardous as you’re likely using at the very least a step ladder, so in situations where painting at height using ladders is necessary it’s far safer to let properly equipped pros handle the job.

In certain cases it may be essential to get professional help if the scope of the project involves very high walls and other surfaces requiring specialist access equipment.

Old materials disposal – getting rid of unused paint and other materials such as removed wallpaper can be a time consuming chore; professional painters handle all this.

Painting knowledge – slapping paint on a flat bare plaster wall is one thing, but many commercial premises and housing have different surfaces requiring different techniques and considerations.

For example, exterior or interior brick requires a certain level of preparation, technique and a specific paint type to do a good job.

Paint selection – certain commercial settings require different types of paint; an experienced professional will help and advise on the correct type of paint for the job both in terms of what would look and perform best.

Judge for yourself

You may worry that the cost of using commercial painters would be high compared to doing it yourself, but you can easily get a quote from a company and see for yourself what the costs are.

You should balance these against the time and trouble of you doing it yourself, and whether you can deal with situations such as tricky painting techniques or difficult access. Also, bear in mind there’s still some expense anyway for paint and materials if you’re considering the DIY route.

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