Running A Small Hotel

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Small Ways To Help Your Small Hotel Business Thrive

Running a successful small hotel needs commitment, time and investment. However, even small changes can dramatically increase your hotel’s popularity and revenue.

Owning a small hotel is a dream for many. Whether it’s a B&B cottage on the coast or a Georgian manor house in the heart of the countryside, the rewards of being your own boss far outweigh the hard work needed to keep the guests coming over the threshold.

However, a successful hotel business not only needs to find ways to attract new guests, but also continually strive to offer a high quality of service that will encourage them to return. Following the following simple rules have helped small hotels such as Panfield House to develop from a simple self-catering cottage into one of the best hotels in Braintree.

Lowering your prices does not necessarily attract more customers though. In fact, most customers consider value more important. So how can you increase your revenue? Here are just a few small ways to tweak your appeal and boost customer numbers.

A Responsive Website

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-designed website. Invest in good SEO strategies to help increase your online presence and raise your listings. Many searches are made from mobile devices so it’s essential that your website is mobile friendly and easy to read and navigate on all devices such as smartphones and tablets. A responsive website that’s optimised for mobile use, providing a pleasant user experience will also appear higher in Google listings, putting you one step ahead of your competitors. Surprisingly, there are still a large number of businesses that overlook this important factor.

Social Media

Does your small hotel business have a dedicated Facebook page or Twitter account? Social media channels provide a great opportunity to reach a larger audience, obtain valuable feedback and allow you to promote special deals and discounts.


TripAdvisor is used by millions to write and read ‘authentic’ reviews by real customers. Don’t ignore comments. Monitor them continuously and use reviews to evaluate your performance and improve your service. Don’t disregard negative comments. Use them as a useful tool to make changes where needed.


Collaborate with other local businesses. For example, if your premises can accommodate a marquee, you could organise wedding packages with a local firm. They in turn, will link to your business through their own website.

Guests love nothing more than sampling local products. Whether you offer self-catering, B&B accommodation or a full meal service, by using local suppliers and producers, you’re helping to boost the local economy, while helping to build up a solid reputation.

Invest In Aesthetics

Ensure outdoor areas and gardens are well-maintained and attractive; even the parking area. First impressions count so make the entrance and reception area as inviting as possible.

Rooms should be well-decorated with quality furnishings. A clean room will not suffice if the decor is outdated and tired looking. Invest in high quality cotton bedding and higher end mattresses to ensure that guests are not only comfortable but appreciate the added touches of luxury.

Bathrooms are one area that many guests complain about. Ensure that they are in pristine condition and are equipped with modern fixtures, including a powerful shower head. Avoid shower curtains and install glass doors for a cleaner, more contemporary look.

Extra Touches

Sometimes it’s the extra touches that receive the most praise. It could be providing a change table and nappy disposal bin for families with babies, a sleeping basket and food bowls for pets, or a maid cleaning service for self-catering accommodation.

And don’t forget to offer WiFi. Today it’s expected. Chargers and a docking station are another thoughtful touch.

Finally, ensure your guests always receive a warm welcome. Excellent customer service is essential for a hospitality business.

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