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Bringing Power To Your Festivities

An event is nothing without a power supply, so hire a generator from Templant to get yours up and running.

The days are getting shorter and the temperature is getting lower, which can mean only one thing. Yes, winter is well and truly on the way! The colder weather isn’t all bad news though, as there are plenty of holidays and special events to observe. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year are four of the biggest, but there are plenty of others too. If you’re planning to put on an event in Essex this winter, then you’re going to need enough power to make sure that it runs smoothly. Templant are the leading supplier of temporary power in Essex, and have a wealth of resources and experience to make your event a success.

What you’ll need at your event

Running an event during the winter can be a big challenge, thanks to the cold weather. However, that’s no barrier to yours being a success. Just factor in things like outdoor heaters and lots of lighting to make the chilly winter evenings a little less harsh. Entertainment is a must, so get that booked quickly as many entertainers will be in demand at this time of year. Food and drink is an essential part of any event too. Hot drinks will help visitors to beat the cold, and some savoury and sweet treats will keep hunger at bay. Do some research and see which caterers are available in your area, and ask to see some samples of their fare.

Planning your power package

It can be difficult for you to know exactly how much power you’ll need for your event. That’s where Templant come in. By getting in touch with them and sharing your plans, they’ll be able to figure out how much power you’re going to need and how best to deliver that. Whether you’re bringing a Christmas market to your local town, are putting on an impressive fireworks display for Bonfire Night or the new year, or you need to power an ice rink, Templant will have the answer. They have a huge range of temporary power solutions available, so there’s guaranteed to be a generator hire package that’s perfect for you.  For health and safety purposes, it’s vital that your winter event is easy to navigate after dark. So do enquire about Templant’s specialist event lighting packages too, which include lighting rigs and strip lights.

Support before, during and after your event

Another thing that Templant pride themselves on is the on-site support that they provide. Templant take care of the installation of their generators, then after the event quickly de-install them for a quick clean up. In between that, they’ll be on hand to tackle any problems if they do arise, so that things can get back to normal as quickly as possible. Having a team of experts there to take care of the power supply will offer you complete peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on enjoying the event that you’ve put together.

Here’s to your event being a success!

The festive season is such a special time of year, and there’s nothing quite like heading out in your warmest clothes and enjoying a fun local event with your nearest and dearest. Templant are passionate about getting involved in the local area, and love to power events that bring the community together.  With their power solutions and your wealth of ideas and passion, you’ll put on an event that everyone will be talking about.

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