Rustic Oak Are Keeping Furniture Making Alive in Essex

Nick Halls of Rustic Oak
Nick Halls – Rustic Oak

There are many decisions to make when it comes to renovating your home with brand new furniture. Flat-pack can often be a quick solution, but it will never compare with quality hand-crafted bespoke furniture.

There’s nothing more satisfying than investing in a good piece of furniture that is guaranteed to last a lifetime. And what’s even more satisfying, is finding a local company that can create bespoke, high quality furniture right here in Essex.

Rustic Oak Furniture was created in 2005 by Nick Halls. The company is now based on a farm just outside of Chelmsford in Essex.

Nick designs, creates and builds bespoke oak furniture for clients across the country. All items are made to order, to allow customers to create a unique piece which has their desired style and finish requirements.

As well as creating bespoke pieces, Rustic Oak also offer a vast array of furniture items to buy, including bed frames, dining tables and cupboards. Choose beautifully bespoke oak furniture for any room in the house, including pieces designed for the dining room, bedroom, garden, kitchen, living room and office.

All of the furniture is bench-made from scratch and everything is dealt with in-house. Everyone wants their home to be a place of sanctuary, decorated and furnished with bespoke, unique pieces. This is something you can only expect from handmade furniture.

Flat-pack furniture may be easy to put up and use, but it certainly won’t last as long, nor look as good as a hand-crafted piece. Flat-pack furniture can ironically often be difficult to put together; the drawers may not shut properly or the doors may be wonky. If this happens, there’s no other option but to start all over again. Flat-pack furniture can also be easily damaged due to its low durability. It tends to be made from man-made MDF, which means it won’t last as long as sturdy furniture.

The benefits of bespoke furniture are endless. The main benefits are that the furniture will last you decades, your furniture will be unique and the use of real quality wood will make the piece timeless.

It’s furniture that can be used and loved for years to come.

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