Scaffold Alarms Help Protect Building Sites

Can Construction Companies Risk Not Spending On Security?

With increasing reports of construction site theft, it’s time for project managers to invest in advanced site security.

Theft and vandalism costs the construction industry up to £800 million per year in the UK. Building sites are an attractive prospect for thieves, due to the cost of machinery and equipment that is left lying around overnight, at the weekends or during periods of downtime on a project. Recent research conducted by the Chartered Institute of Building, which is a membership body for construction, found that a fifth of sites experienced some level of theft on a weekly basis. Understanding why the construction industry is a target can assist site managers in putting together adequate security measures such as scaffold alarms to safeguard their business.

An Increasingly Obvious Target

Security is often a problem on construction sites, mainly due to the cost involved. It can be expensive to commit to employing a security guard or other advanced systems for the duration of your project. But construction managers need to ask themselves if they can afford to risk the cost of stolen equipment. Unfortunately, only 9% of construction materials are recovered, in comparison to 50-60% of stolen motor vehicles so criminals see the theft as an easy job, whereas the victims increasingly rely on their insurance to cover the loss. Data collected by Allianz Insurance found that there were 428 claims in 2013, increasing to 665 in 2017 and an expected 730 by the end of 2018.

With tool theft counting for only a third of claims, thieves are turning to more expensive items such as excavators and scaffolding as their prize for the crime.

Securing Your Scaffolding  

Scaffolding is not just an expensive asset to any construction business, but it also offers a way for thieves or trespassers to gain access to an unsecured building. Scaffolding is often erected for several weeks or months at a time, and may sometimes be put up a short time before construction workers are actually active on the site. As it can be left unattended for long periods, it’s one of the most important areas to secure on your site.

Scaffold alarms are an effective and affordable approach to securing the foundation of your construction project. With the loss of scaffolding, your project would likely be suspended, causing delays and further costs until you’re able to get back on track. The alarms use an inbuilt dual PIR detector, which are completely wireless and can be monitored around the clock by an external monitoring station. When the alarm is tripped, a video of the event will be sent to the monitors who will then alert responders to attend the site. This system is more advanced than many alternative devices, as it minimises a waste of resources and the possibility of false callouts.

These alarms not only help to protect the construction company, but along with other measures such as CCTV and bright lights, they also help members of the public too, as they’re a deterrent to thieves.

Construction companies simply can’t afford to put the security of their business on the line. By investing in advanced, yet affordable technology, they’ll reduce the chance of project delays and costly insurance claims.


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