Skip Hire vs Grab Hire

Any construction project, whether big or small, requires to be cleaned once it has been completed. Waste is a by-product of construction that cannot be avoided and has to be dealt away with accordingly. There are several ways you can depend on to get rid of construction waste, but choosing the right method for you can be overwhelming. Skip and grab lorry hire are the most popular methods for handling construction waste. Each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at the differences between the two.


Skips are designed in different sizes to match the needs of users. For instance, if you had a small construction project, it would be unnecessary to acquire a large skip. Always evaluate the amount of work to be done before ordering a skip as it will help to determine the size of the skip that is right for you. Keep in mind that you will need to obtain a permit if you’re to place your skip on the road.

Skips are ideally suited for long-term use. Regardless of the size, small or big, they can be placed outside the home whenever the need arises.

Grab lorry hire is ideally suited for faster loading. If your operation time is limited or if you desire to get waste eradicated from your construction site within the shortest time possible, a grab lorry is the best choice for you. The driver will need to turn up the lorry, load your waste using the grab arm and the proceed to the area of disposal where it will be emptied. In such a case, a permit is not necessary, and there is no disruption to the road users, which is common with skip hire.


There is no exact price for skips as well as grab hire lorries. The rates depend on several factors such as the company you’re to hire, location, size of the skip or lorry you require and how long it will be in use. If you’re looking for cheap skip hire consider quotes from different companies and settle one one’s that are within your budget.

The rates for grab hire lorries tend to vary based on the size and means of hire. These lorries can be hired on an hourly or daily basis or even per load leading to variation in prices. Grab hires with similar capacities are quite affordable when compared to skips with similar capacities.


Grab lorries comes with an automated grab arm that speeds up the loading of waste. With a skip, labour is necessary, which makes it a tedious operation.

Loading a grab lorry takes 10-20 minutes since the waste needs to be sorted into an unclogged pile to make the loading process efficient.


Skips are available in different sizes and types. The sizes range from mini skips, with a capacity of two to three cubic yards to large skips with a capacity of twenty to forty yards of space.

Larger skips are used for massive construction projects. They can hold a high capacity of all kinds of non-hazardous waste, including furniture and aggregate.

An empty grab lorry hire weighs 16 tons, and it can be loaded with non-hazardous waste not exceeding 16 tons totalling to 32 tons when fully loaded. This is equivalent to twelve to fifteen cubic meters based on how heavy materials are.

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