Team Building Is Vital for All Business

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Lack of Motivation Can Reduce Productivity by 50 Percent

Boosting motivation and morale doesn’t just make for a better working environment. It can also have a huge impact on productivity and turnover.

Facilities such as adventure parks and paintballing centres are seeing a marked increase in business from the corporate market. The news comes in the wake of a report from Investors in People showing just how important morale and motivation are to corporate success.

The organisation, which benchmarks excellence in people management within the UK, released findings last year that show poor morale can drag a business’s productivity down by as much as 50 percent. In the modern economic climate, that represents a drain that no organisation can afford, and the rising popularity of team building activities over the past 12 months shows that companies are taking the warnings seriously.

The evolving nature of teams

The modern business environment involves more stress and longer hours than ever before. Changing business dynamics can also make it a lonely place. The growing trend towards remote working sounds great, when employees do not even have to leave their own homes, but comes at a cost. For some, the only interaction with other human beings is by skype, email and telephone.

No chatting in the kitchen over coffee, no office gossip, not even getting out with a colleague to walk round the block at lunchtime.

With today’s teams liable to be fractured and geographically scattered, the fact is that they do not build themselves. It is more important than ever for members to get together as much as possible, and not just to discuss the latest project.

A team will only work well if its members are relaxed and, more to the point, happy in each other’s company. If there are feelings of tension or shyness, this will constrain innovation and the ability to challenge each other’s views and drive a strategy forward.

Get out and feel refreshed

There are physical as well as psychological benefits to team building activities. As we finally reach the end of what has seemed to be an endless winter, the simple act of emerging from our screens, getting out into the fresh air and undertaking some physical activity together can be enormously refreshing and really engenders a feeling of renewal.

That doesn’t have to mean strenuous physical tasks such as climbing rope ladders, building rafts or swinging through the trees. There are team building activities that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age and physical condition.

Kate Richards is from Hastings Adventure Golf, and has seen an explosion in corporate visitors over recent months. She stressed the importance of choosing an activity that is accessible and open to everyone, and said: “The main goal of team building should be to take staff away from the office, improve team work, communication and, most importantly, have fun.”

Team engagement

Kate’s observation is an important one for getting the most out of team building activities. After all, few things can be more self-defeating than “enforced hilarity” and unwilling participants. With the wide range of activities available, there really is something that can appeal to everyone, so it is important that the team is involved in deciding what activity will be undertaken.

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