The 5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Legitimate Formwork Contractor

Seeking Concrete Formwork Specialists With Excellent Work Ethics

Whether you’re looking for RC frame installation, steel fixing or concrete finishing, ensure you work with accredited formwork professionals.

Choosing the right contractors for your construction project is integral to its success. With projects typically overrunning by between 10-30% of the estimated time, this costs the client in up to 90% of cases. When it comes to selecting a formwork contractor, this isn’t an area to scrimp on. Concrete formwork is a highly specialised aspect of construction that often establishes the foundation of a project. Therefore, when looking for the best formwork contractor professionals, consider these 5 crucial points.

Health And Safety

A professional formwork firm will pay the utmost respect to health and safety regulations, not only for the safety of their own staff, but for that of the general public too. Make sure that the formwork contractor you work with carries out thorough risk assessments before work commences, and that they only let fully trained contractors operate machinery on the project site. Your choice of contractor should be approved by accredited associations such as Safe Contractor, CHAS, Constructionline and All Safe, as is the case with Formwork Contractors Essex.

Breadth Of Knowledge

When discussing your initial project requirements with a selection of contractors, be sure to arm yourself with as much professional formwork knowledge as possible. A reputable firm should be willing to educate you and answer your questions in detail, whether you want to know about concrete finishing services, or how concrete pouring works when constructing a staircase. Be wary of any firm that isn’t willing to share their specific approach with you.

Check Out References

The quality of formwork promised by a contractor can only be measured by the standard of projects that they’ve previously undertaken. A reputable firm will be happy to share details of completed work with you – it may be possible to gain this information from a portfolio on their website, but ideally you’ll get to see completed work which matches the specialism that you’re interested in – whether that be steel fixing work, RC frame installation or lift shaft construction.

Use Specialist Contractors

With an increasing number of ‘general’ contractors in the industry, who offer all manner of services, some customers fall into the trap of using a single non-specialised construction firm to carry out their entire project. The problem with this is that formwork is a highly specialised area of construction, with multiple health and safety concerns. Your entire project relies on the strength and reliability of its formwork, so investing in experts to carry out the work is absolutely essential.

Willing To Join Your Team

If you already have an existing project on the go, and are looking for some extra labour, then you’ll understand the need to have multiple categories of construction professionals be able to work alongside each other to ensure that the project reaches completion on time. With this in mind, it’s best to work with a formwork contractor that is as comfortable to step in and assist with an ongoing project, as they are to take the reins from the beginning as perhaps the first contractor on site.

Choosing a formwork contractor comes down to selecting professionals with great experience and high work ethics. Don’t settle for second best when the success and safety of your project is on the line.

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