The Benefits of Washroom Services

Let a professional washroom services provider equip your facility

A business premises with any kind of washroom facilities requires them to be kept clean and fully stocked with consumables such as soap and paper towels; using a professional washroom services provider to equip, stock and ensure supplies are kept up to date is a key logistical move.

Your washroom services supplier

Using an experienced washroom services company means your washroom facilities will be equipped with the latest equipment such as high-speed hand air dryers, touchless soap dispensers, waste bins, auto sanitisers and more – fully stocked with supplies such as hand towels and replacement soap.

Your supplier also fulfils a key role as a washroom hygiene company in that waste put into bins such as nappies and medical is disposed of to the required standards.

Using a professional to handle your washroom service requirements means peace of mind and less time spent on organisational tasks by specific members of your staff.

Equipment supply

Washroom equipment has advanced and developed in recent years, and an experienced washroom services provider can equip or re-equip your facilities with the latest in hand dryer, air freshener, waste disposal, soap dispensing and sanitiser items quickly and easily.

As and when newer innovations come on stream, your supplier can draw these to your attention and supply and install them should they offer benefits over your current equipment. It saves you or your staff having to keep abreast of washroom equipment developments.

Using new washroom technology means you can offer your staff and other visitors the latest in washroom comfort such as no or low touch equipment including soap dispensers and high-speed air hand dryers.

Using the latest washroom tech also means you can save costs such as lower energy and water bills through using more efficient equipment.

Efficient supplies renewal

It’s simply a no-no to run out of soap or hand towels; for any size of company the washroom is a key facility much relied upon.

A professional washroom services provider is geared towards helping you keep enough items in stock relative to your company’s usage, and ensure supplies reach you quickly and efficiently as and when they’re needed.

Easy re-ordering and communications are part of the service with experienced washroom service companies who are used to working with companies and organisations of various types and sizes.

Professional waste disposal

If you offer waste disposal facilities such as sanitary and nappy bins, as you invariably would in a modern commercial washroom, then it’s incumbent on your business as the provider to ensure the waste from these and other sources generally is disposed of properly at least to the standards of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Flexible contracts

Look for an experienced washroom supplies expert who can provide an equipment and washroom supplies contract suitable for your needs. They’re used to businesses and organisations with differing requirements, so should be able to offer a contract suitable for your volumes – and provide a quote for their services so you know where you are.

A bonus is a company firmly committed to caring for the environment and conducting their business in a way that reduces waste and demands on landfill.

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