The Home Security Systems You Need

How to protect your home with security solutions

Our homes are our safe places and we want to keep it that way. The best way to ensure a secure property is with the use of security systems. There are multiple ways to protect your home and using a combination, or at least one of them, is guaranteed to help you feel calmer and more relaxed both when you’re inside or away from your property.

Why should you install a home security system?

The list of reasons in favour of getting a home security system far outweighs the reasons against. In fact, the only real reason not to install one is the cost – but it’s in investment into your safety. Your local provider of security systems Essex can talk you through the cost.

Reasons in favour include:

– Deter thieves: cameras can act as a visible deterrent with the simple presence of them discouraging potential thieves from attempting to burgle your home.

– Capture images: if a crime is to occur on your property the recorded images and video can be very useful in a criminal investigation, leading to identification and even prosecution.

– Protect your pets: knowing your property is protected will take away the stress of leaving your pet alone.

– Have advanced fire protection: specialised security systems can be fitted with fire alarms to offer more safety features.

­– Give you peace of mind: a security system can give you the reassurance that your home is safe and secure at all times.

– Increase the property’s value: houses with security systems can sell for higher prices than those without.

– Lower the cost of home insurance: an added bonus is that insurance companies can view your house as a lower crime risk therefore offer you cheaper insurance.

What are your options?

You’ve got multiple options to choose from when it comes down to what home security system you want and how extensive you want to be.

Here are the common options:

– Intruder alarms: often the first step people take in securing their homes, intruder alarms are very popular. Security companies now offer high-tec, innovative systems and features such as break detectors, vibration detectors and remote alarm signalling.

– CCTV systems: cameras are placed strategically around the home, both inside and outside, to capture video. The latest CCTV systems can provide high-resolution video that delivers clear imagery and can zoom into specific details like number plates and faces.

– Fire alarms: your options with fire alarm installations are very varied. Fire alarms work by having a central control panel linked to smoke detectors placed around the building. If a smoke alarm is triggered it will notify the central control panel, which will then react in a number of ways depending on the type of system you’ve installed.

– Access control: these can control who has access to your home by replacing traditional door locks with digital entry.

This covers the main options you have for increasing the safety and security of your home and how they can benefit you.

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