Transcription Services: How Will They Benefit You?

Saving time, energy or money by using a new method, process or tool always brings about a sense of relief and satisfaction when you realise you made the right decision to upgrade or invest. It is however easy to get bogged down by the sheer number of new services and products that are constantly entering the market place. How do you know what to try, what will work and what is worth investing in? A safe way to judge is to opt for something that has stood the test of time but has also been able to adapt and blend with new technology to either improve or assist its performance.  A good example of this would be transcription services, these fit the criteria and are continually offering updated services to academics, business partners and medical professionals alike to speed up work, free up time, and reduce costs. If this is something you haven’t yet considered, then you really should take a look at how this trusted time served service is keeping up to speed with technology and proving more popular than ever.

UK transcription services became popular in business affairs in the late 16th century as formal systems of shorthand were introduced allowing hard copy texts, of meetings or medical research for e.g. to be created from oral communications. Transcription has continued to develop and change since, and today has its feet firmly rooted in the business services sector offering transcripts of oral, video or audio files. As per its original processing method oral communications can still be transcribed manually, with the exception that text is now entered directly onto a laptop or PC so documents can be saved, printed or shared by email. However, with the advancement of technology it is also now possible to run oral communications through digital transcribing applications. With this method human intervention is only required to proof read the final document.

To understand the full range of benefits and how transcription services can work for you, take a moment to consider what activities you carry out that use an oral to text process e.g. for a journalist who often works out on location, the introduction of mobile apps into the transcribing space now allows you to record your interviews on your phone and run the text through transcribing software. You can then send, via email, a written document of the account onto a professional transcribing service. This will be proof read and context checked, before being emailed back to you, usually in the same day as a final document. If you are a doctor or an academic however, you will no doubt need to orally record medical and research notes into your Dictaphone on a regular basis. Having to sit and transcribe these notes can take a great deal of time. Usually around 1 hr is required for every 15 mins of speech. However, sending your audio files to a transcription service will ensure this is completed in a timely manner with the final documents returned to you fully checked and proofed. Transcription services are experienced in multi sector language, jargon and acronyms so are worth their weight in gold. As time is money, investing in the services of a reputable company should be common practice.


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