Understanding Google Ads and the Pros and Cons of PPC

How Can You Find the Optimum ROI From PPC?

Pay per click is a common tool in digital marketing. Use it wisely, and it can power your site up the rankings, but tread carefully to get the best return.

Anyone who is even peripherally involved in SEO or digital marketing is conceptually aware of pay per click (PPC). It is a tool by which you can invest money in getting your site to appear near the top of the search results for a specific keyword in those coveted positions that appear above the organic, or natural, search results.

Beyond the basic principles, however, there is probably more rumour and misinformation about PPC than any other aspect of digital marketing. According to one PPC agency in Colchester it is easy for businesses to throw money away on an inefficient PPC campaign unless they truly understand the intricacies of keyword analysis and direct the campaign in the most effective direction.

Here, we demystify PPC by taking a first principles approach to understanding its biggest benefits and also, the potential elephant traps that lie in wait for the unwary.

Instant, measurable results

For a new business in particular, getting established and climbing the results page on the relevant Google searches takes time. Google uses relevance and authority as metrics to decide rankings and the latter, in particular, takes perseverance, investment and general hard work on the part of your SEO consultant to bear fruit. PPC provides a way to short circuit the system, getting your site to rank for those keywords straight away. As soon as the campaign is underway, it is straightforward to track progress. Tools like Google Ads (previously AdWords) give a whole lot of valuable information regarding traffic and conversions. Use it to your advantage to optimise the campaign, doing more of what brings in the best return and less of what doesn’t.

Added exposure where you need it

There is more to PPC than simply setting the keyword phrases and paying your money. For instance, you can adjust who sees the ads from a geographical perspective. For a local business, this is hugely important, providing a way to focus in on your target customers.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

The above makes PPC sound like a no-brainer, particularly for a business that is either in its infancy or is looking to establish or consolidate its online presence. This is dangerous thinking, and often leads to a fall. AdWords provides vast amounts of data, and it is important to understand all its nuances to really get the most out of a campaign. This is why it is strongly recommended to place PPC work in the hands of an agency or consultant who truly understands it.

A crutch won’t heal a broken leg

Get the PPC campaign right, and traffic and conversions will start to soar. That’s fabulous, but unless the campaign is backed up by solid SEO work, these results will only continue while you keep paying. It’s a little like using a pair of crutches to get around after breaking your leg. They are a useful tool in the short term, but you’ll also need to put in the hard yards with the physiotherapist for a long-term solution.

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