Using Hygge To Sell Your Home

This Danish Lifestyle Concept Could Attract More Buyers

Does your home look cosy and inviting to potential buyers? Try using ‘hygge’ to attract more offers.

The UK property market is back in full swing as the lockdown’s pent-up demand of buyers are now seeking a new home and a fresh start. The latest figures from Zoopla suggest that the property sector will continue to look positive over at least the next quarter, with experts predicting a sustained house price growth of 2-3%. The government’s stamp duty holiday until 31 March, 2021 is also instrumental in getting the market moving once again.

If you’re interested in selling your home in the next few months, then you’ll need to entice buyers to your property. When sprucing up your home, consider using some ‘hygge’ influences, which are used by professional stagers to help tempt buyers.

What Is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish lifestyle concept that is focused on living a cosy and content life. It’s not about being materialistic, but it’s certainly not about being minimalistic either. Hygge allows you to fill your home with luxury textiles and accessories which are comfortable and attractive. It’s also about setting up your home so that you can spend time with the people you love.

Hygge For All Seasons

People generally tend to think of hygge as being a lifestyle most suited to the colder months. It’s certainly true that some hygge staples such as chunky knit blankets, faux fur rugs and log fires are winter warmers. When you decorate your home with accessories like these during the colder weather, you’ll create a warm and inviting property that potential buyers will fall in love with. However, that doesn’t mean that hygge can’t be used well in summer. When styling your home in spring and summer, you can throw the doors open and invite the fresh air in. Switch your decorative scheme around to use lightweight linens, pops of colour and floral fragrances to appeal to your visitors.

Finding The Right Temperature

A professional firm of Shenfield estate agents explains that if you’re hosting potential buyers in person, then it’s important to have your home at the perfect temperature. You don’t want to crank up the heating so high that they’re dripping and can’t wait to get out of your humble abode. Nor do you want them to be aware of any draughty windowsills. If you have a fireplace, then you could light your fire, or stage it with logs as if you’re going to burn them later.

Creating The Perfect Hygge Lighting

Natural light is an important part of the hygge concept, as it allows you to feel connected with nature, whilst remaining cosy. If you’re not blessed with too many windows or skylights, then make use of artificial lighting to darken up any shadowy rooms. Scented candles are essential in hygge at any time of year, as they add romance and intimacy to the air, whilst twinkling in the background to illuminate your home. You can also incorporate lamps into your lighting scheme to create the perfect ambience.

The hygge style is incredibly on trend at the moment. Whether you plan to adopt this as part of your own lifestyle, or use it as a staging tool, it’s a soothing look for your home that potential buyers won’t be able to resist.

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